Chemo Drugs for Life or Raw Milk? Ulcerative Colitis CURED!

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Check out Doug’s incredible journey and how he cured himself with raw milk, fermented foods, and a high fat diet. He went from pharmaceuticals, to steroids, to chemotherapy drugs, and then even faced surgery to remove his large intestine! Today he is completely cured and has been symptom-free for 2 years.

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Anima Libera says:

Great video, thank you, Doug and Olivia! This needs to be made known to as many people as possible!

KidsCraftsByThreeSisters says:

Thank you for this video, we drink Raw Milk! Mom and dad tell us all the time about the benefits.

holtzschue Yohann says:

Thank You Doug for sharing your struggle with us and for sharing your miraculous recovery using raw milk and fermented foods…I've also had very similar results in my recovery…..raw organic, grass fed…milk is the best way to go….the dietary fats the milk provides, 50% omega 3's and 50% omega 6's…these wonderful health building fats that so many diet guru's tell us are so dangerous, especially if the fats come from animal sources….., STOP THE INSANITY ALREADY……Any way thank you so much Olivia, for sharing Doug's story….

Louise Usher says:

This is an amazing story similar to mine with Crohns disease! Thank you guys for sharing such a brilliant video :)

Distracted Grandma says:

I enjoyed listening to him talk about his bad health and what he did to fix it, when you would shut up long enough to let him talk. It seems like it was more about you than him. You continually cut him off and spoke for him so you could show everyone how smart you are. Next time let him talk.

Little Watermelon ASMR says:

Thank you so much for this!!! I healed from PCOS with high fat Paleo all organic and I am going to try the raw milk now!!

TheM1trix says:

The links aren't working.

Oscar Herrera says:

has anyone actually tried this? really trying to get fixed, or at least better

Joy Ellen says:

I too have taken too many antibiotics for too long and ended up getting Ulcerative Colitis as a result. I've been doing the same things as you, only I'm on the Low FODMap diet instead of the SCD diet because I have trouble digesting fructose and not non-gluten carbs (rice and potatoes). I'm still on chemo (Remicade and 6MP), but I'm really hoping I'll be able to get off them. It REALLY doesn't make sense to take chemo for the rest of ones life, especially chemo that suppresses immunity and causes cancer.

Claire Ziff says:

I also don't understand how these two done realize that immunosuppressive drugs like 6MP are a great tool to fight auto immune disease. Ulcerative Colitis is your body attacking it's own organs, USING ITS OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM. That's why drugs like this need to be used, to keep your own body from destroying itself.

It's fine if this is what you want to believe, but at least do the research on both sides.

Claire Ziff says:

ulcerative colitis is a chronic, lifelong, auto immune disease that only has one "cure", and that is removal of the colon.

It can go into remission, which is probably what this guy has. But if he actually has Ulcerative Colitis, it can come back at any time.

Ruben Hernandez says:

Hey so did he get cured and is there anything ther things beside raw milk

Jose Pescador says:

cannabis is saving my life at the moment ….

David Bourg says:

thank you guys for the info

David Bourg says:

I won't say he's cured the information could come back at any time but there is hope that is unless you have a milk allergy those are my thoughts.

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