1st Chemo Treatment

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So much waiting and test involved trying to get to the first chemo treatment. It was nerve racking and I went through… I don’t know how many emotions. You can’t tell from the video, but at times I was a wreck, but I got through the first one with thanks to many friends!

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Jennifer Fatou says:

I have you have healed by now. Wish you health and happiness

Guru Vike says:

Studies have show that CHEMO works 3% of the time. Or should I say 97% it doesn't work. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!! THEYRE SUPPOSED TO GET YOU OFF TREATMENT NOT GET YOU MORE TREATMENT! everything is about money. Blind dumbass fkers

William Lynn says:

I would suck them toes

Mark Mowrey says:

your very brave. I start treatment in a few weeks. This was helpful

William Leland says:

I had cancer in2013 , 42 weeks radiation some chemo Dr. releases me you ok now Bill well shit it came back and metastized to my bones, pelvis ribs spine, I think I'm a dead man walking bummer.

Daniel Kim says:

I am currently a book "cancer treatment doesn't work". It was written by a Japaness doctor named Gondo Makoto. I'd like to recommend you read it.
You are gallant and beautiful !!!

Tony Perez says:

I start my first treatment in two days and I am feeling better after I watched your video.

Lucas Beeman says:

Chemo kills you

Sam E says:

For those who know someone dealing with cancer, theres an amazing company that sells skin products specifically for cancer patients, it really helped my friends grandma feel pretty during tough rounds of chemo. Its called Fight Cancer With Beauty.


Trebuchet1066 says:

JayniI start my chemo in about a week and a half. God bless you for this wonderful video. I am a nurse (for over 41 years), but this has scared the poop out of me. You are one bee-yoo-tea-full woman! Again thanks, Jan in Houston.

Abigail K says:

Stay strong we love u keep surviving

leangreen87 AK says:

hemp oil cures cancer and it does so without the harmful side effects of chemotherapy. it could be purchased online and is legal.

Fiona Donohue says:

+ Robert Halterman, re my question, have you had cancer and been cured of this through natural therapies, I'm continuing to be curious

Fiona Donohue says:

Robert, have you yourself had cancer and cured it through natural therapies. just curious due to your statement

sonya grannemann says:

i just saw this video and i had the same thing and cancer does suck and i lost all my hair im 13

Fiona Donohue says:

Tractor, let me just inform you that after my first and second chemotherapy the blood test showed that my immune system was awesomely intact. I have to laugh about your description of the Lord being a physician, if the Lord was real he wouldn't give me cancer in the first place.

Fiona Donohue says:

I'm sorry to hear about your dad Jason, but he made the best choice that he thought was for him, people make their own decisions people may not like it but they have to except it. I wish him all the best.

Fiona Donohue says:

I know that chemotherapy treatment kills the good cells but they can rebuild. I hate having the treatment running through my veins, but if the treatment kills the cancer cells instead of me, this is something that I had to do, I detest it but it's my choice.

Fiona Donohue says:

I have just finished my 3 rd chemo and I'm very happy to say that my blood tests show that my immune system is going awesome, if your having chemo it is important to eat high nutritionist foods, I get alot of this from fresh extracted juices, this removes the fiber and allows the nutrition to access the blood with no effort at all.

Kram Zuckerberg says:

The cure of all cancer..marijuana. Use it, or die.

MaxyBo0 says:

you are beautiful

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