How I made 84% Return in 3 days – Put Option Trading Case Study

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In this Put Option Trading Case Study I walk you through how I made 84% returns in 3 days and 34% return in 24 hours on a second trade.

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Julie Kimball says:

Jason, enjoyed the video – but did you know your disclosure page actually says you are a registered b/d? May want to insert the word "not"!

Jon 7 says:

how much is your program?

Houston Nelson says:

Watching your video for the first time today. Soooo glad to finally see a real Guru that uses the 'OptionsXpress' trading platform (which I've grow accustomed to) with an example that was easy for me to follow and understand. Thank you for sharing and keep up the GREAT work!

Maggie Hunter says:

If you think you know anything about binary options but you keep losing trades then you know nothing , when Mr Vladislav (Vladislav@ ) assures you of 10/10 trades then that's it , I am not going to tell you how much I make per hour but if you are here to make good money and not "Just some extra cash" then contact him and save this link so you can thank me when you see why I am taking my time to do this

Frank Evans says:

can u add me on Facebook frank evans

David Conley says:

Where can I go for monitoring. I really appreciate these vids. The black community needs to know this info. Jesus Bless!

GeneralifeObserver says:

Your videos are very informative. Thank you for this.

KING LEE says:

ever since i bought your powerstockstrade lessons.. I'm in the money thanks bro!

Benjamin Eisenbeis says:

Sorry, I am new to this, just rying to learn terminology and strategy and all of the tips of the trait. You mention in your video the term doge (dojee) and I was wondering what that means and how to detect it for it seems that both of your moves were triggered by that. Let me know thanks

salman A says:

very good

Scott Moore says:

Hey I have been watching your videos over the past week and am interested in your course. I have been watching a particular stock "Aecom" (ACM) and i think according to what you teach this is a good time to buy because it looks like it is about to break reistance? Am I correct?

Esmael o'taleb says:


lil slam says:

alright brother. watching your videos make me feel like i am missing out big time. i have been afraid to jump in because i only got few dollars. i would like to learn how to trade properly now lol. hopefully your courses are affordable

highermath CT says:

what software do u use to read the charts? Great question #natalie shinobi. I do not have these tools in the investment acct I am using. Is this available on E-Trade?

keith wisdom says:

Can someone please help- thanks. In reference to the 1/7/16 purchase and sale on 1/11/16. What does the 25 refer to on the purchase – wmb jan 16 25 put. does the 25 refer to the strike price of the stock – that is indicated on the stock chart? at the requested lock in price of the stock option at the price of $3.50.   and on the sales date the price went from 3.50 to 6.50 does this mean that the price of the stock went from 25 down to 22 ???? does the 3 increase (gain) represent the decrease of the stock price by $3 ? not sure about what these numbers/prices actually mean?

Viper4ever05 says:

his gains are very realistic, but options losses can be just as substantial as the potential profits

Lawrence Morris says:

Thanks for all your work. I learn best when I see exactly how you trade using the charts for day trading options. I'm strictly on day trading options only for starters because I can pull out any time and also make money during an upward or downward trend. please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm new to this. i learned more with this video then anything. thanks bruh.

Jessica O says:

Its very rare to find African American Active Traders… Thanks for posting this video.

Bestheftig says:

very informative and inspirational thank you for sharing.. a small fav in return: a very important word is missing from the first sentence of your disclaimer :)

o says:

this was very informative do you offer live webinar coaching as well?

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