What Everyone is Missing in California’s Mandatory Vaccination Law Debate

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What Everyone is Missing in California’s Mandatory Vaccination Law Debate

De Niro defends pulling vaccination movie from TriBeCa Film Festival Fox 5 NY WNYW

Jim Carrey Slams California Governor Over Forced Vaccinations Law

No, the question is why did so many “other filmmakers” have such an adverse reaction to even the screening of this “Vaxxed” film?

If its just a bunch of conspiracy nuts who have an unfounded opinion, why would they not let people openly discuss it and allow someone to simply debunk the obvious?

Afterall, we have all manner of looney documentaries that show at these Festivals, which are completely without basis and factually inaccurate (Gore and Moore). So, there must be more to the reason why they would want to pull such a film and not even allow people to hear about it.

Considering the fact that Robert Di Niro has a son with Autism and he believes there is a link between vaccinations and Autism, what would scare him so much as to pull the movie from being viewed?

Who is behind this push for manditory vaccinations? What is the point?

And that is the real question. Why would they care if a very small percentage of conspiracy theorists don’t want to get a vaccine? Why are these people so much of a threat that they have to put criminal charges on them if they do not get vaccinated?

You see, now, its not just people who are against vaccinations that are concerned about this move.

Normal people who have no problem getting vacinations are getting concerned as to why they have to be mandatory and then to boot, they could goto jail if they do not comply?

Considering all the scientific advances in medical science, genetic DNA mapping, could there be a potential vaccine coming out soon which even regular people would completely reject?

Could that be the reason for the mandatory push? Could they have a vaccine in mind, which more than just conspiracy theorist would reject?

Could a controversial vaccine be coming out, which vaccinates more than just a disease?

Perhaps could change a person’s mood? Maybe a vaccination against dissension of opinion? Where people iwll just more likely comply with what someone tells them to do?

Could such a vaccine exist? One that changes a person’s personslity, makes them more docile, less apt to question authority?

This is what is on the minds of those who have no problem even with vaccines as they are, but see a government who seemingly wants to force people to get something they already willingly get (other than an extremely small fraction of the population).

Could those conspiracy theorists be onto something?

Consider the timing. A few months after the whole Robert Di Niro Festival controversy. People are still scratching their heads over that one. And now, they want to force something people already willingly do. That smells fishy. If it was just science and simply wanting to protect the public, the film would have been released at Di Niro’s festival and the government would not care about the fraction of a percent who don’t get vaccinated.



Thanks man! I put this on the wall of bring vaxxed to the white house group on facebook! I have a vaccine injured child if anyone wants to learn more you can go here https://www.gofundme.com/2nthecks and add us on facebook

Pat Ratzinger says:

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Pat Ratzinger says:

There is mercury in the flu shots! I have never had a flu shot and I am not starting now!

Kk Westbury says:

My nephew died after his 6th month boosters. My own son had violent reaction from the Hep B they gave him at birth… back then I had NO idea about first day vaccines or side effects. After my nephew died and two of my nieces miscarried after their flu shots I started researching. This is the Biggest scam ever!
My 7 siblings and I were raised in the 60's/70's, we only had 6 vaccines and NONE before the age of 5. My nieces and nephews who were born in the 80's only received 10 and NONE at birth. In 1990 Vaccine manufacturers were granted Immunity from law suit. Now they give a sexually transmitted disease (Hep B) at Birth and 42 before they even enter kindergarten, and 69 before they leave high school. Take care and inform everyone you know.

Skip Jay says:

"Invasion of the body snatchers" "Invaders from mars" the movies.

dcacnc says:

there exists a lecture of a man talking about how they can suppress specific RNA in the DNA in order to suppress specific brain activity associated to religious exp..if you have not seen this lecture i would recommend you do considering they were mentioning how it can be sprayed. they mention how they could use it over the radical populations .

Peter Middelkoop says:

I have a slight problem with the mandatory vaccine law to control peoples minds. It's in California. It's already super liberal. You don't need mind control. My personal plan for mind control testing is it on people in Pennsylvania. The result would be a stronger push for renewable energy instead of clean coal. That way I would know it works.

rockstarMileyCyrus says:

To answer one of your questoins of why this Documentary is such a big concern when most people are already getting vaccinated is that they manipulate people's minds into thinking that if everyone isn't vaccinated then there's the greater chance of people getting the disease and the disease sticking around longer. It's not as clear cut as you make it sound.

rockstarMileyCyrus says:

Some of your statements at the beginning remind me of the movie Equilibrium. Everyone should see this movie – edited or otherwise. It predicts the future we are headed towards. The Giver has a similar theme.

MagicN9ne says:

The word 'vaccine' comes from latin variolae vaccīnae and means 'cowpox'……….The government thinks we're cows:/

MagicN9ne says:

The doctors tell us that 'Ethyl' mercury is perfectly safe, and that's the type of mercury that are in the vaccines….I guess we should just take their word for it:/

Hans Zarkov says:

Hard to believe forced vaccinations are actually happening the in the USA. The very idea is repulsive.

bugginyaear says:

Thank you for making this video. Really sad what is happening and so many are blind to the truth.

Its MyMoJo says:

Vaccines are Not One Size Fits All – blood type – Too many Too soon comes into play as well – FIRST DO NO HARM!!!

david ward says:

let people know what these vaccines can do to you.

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