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Want to build something wide with solid lumber instead of plywood? You can’t buy really wide boards, but you can make your own. Step up your woodworking game by learning how to edge glue boards to make wide panels. Please read the full article ►►


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Daryl Lonigan says:

you, sir, are subbed.

mister smith says:

Nice work and easy to understand video. Thanks.

Francisco Canek says:

how about annato or bixa orellana or food colorante?

anthony lopez says:

.cccccccccccccc…………ccccc…cox.c so what did Luke do whatever what does the fun fun what's that he looks it works OKSpace

Gordon Clark says:

Good day from Australia Steve. I have seen woodworkers talk about a 'caul' when gluing up a number of boards to make a wide one. The trouble is that np-one tells you how to shape it (how much you trim it) so when you clamp the boards, the caul pulls down to keep the boards from rising on the clamps.

Lukas Murphy says:

Nice Olympic rings in the background:)

HENJAM48 says:

Nicely done Steve! I've recently become a big fan of Urethane adhesives for this type of joining… Dries with a crust and sands off effortlessly ..

HENJAM48 says:

I prefer 4 x 1's or 6 x 1s

Julika7 says:

I don't understand why you need that jig. Why not using the table saw on its own to get a straight edge?

MS_IKC says:

Hey Steve, great info/tutorial as usual. I have always wondered, what do you usually listen to through those fun looking ear guards?

Adam Izzo says:

Great vid!

Patrick Doyle says:

Great video. I'm just getting started into the hobby and do not have a table saw. Just a circular saw and a few other hand tools. Anyway to do this with just hand tools? (not a planer) or do I just need to go get a cheap table saw?

christschool says:

Never ever put panels together like you see in this video. End grains should be sunrise and sunset. This guy doesn't know what he is doing. If you do it like this guy did, you'll end up with a potato chip as the weather changes.

Philip Quinn says:

I have a cheap skill table saw, what is the best blade when using it as a "jointer" thanks! Phil

Hambone Jones says:

I'm an avid user of biscuit/plate joiners; they're the way to go as far as I'm concerned. I look for the most reinforcement possible when joining boards and I've had the most success with them. DeWalt makes the best and most proficient biscuit/plate joiner, but being that I'm strongly skeptical of events pertaining to The Holocaust, I'm very positive that cultural Zionism seeks to eliminate and regulate the white gentile population.

Krystian Pajak says:

Very Informative. Thanks!

Kill.death1047 N says:

thank you for posting this video sir.. I don't have a jointer.. i really need this jig for my next project.. I'm now a subscriber

Matthew Ward says:

I've been debating on buying a biscuit cutter or not, I think after watching this video I won't buy one. :)

Lou Panella says:

Gosh I am so glad I watch this video! I hate gluing and making wide boards for the following reasons. I don't have a jointer and cannot hand plane a square and straight edge. I have pipe clamps but they are a nightmare while working with them when they tip to the side. This makes a mess.
The other thing is wondering if your glue joints will stand the test of time…

Hasmukh V Patel says:

I like your All video,very well ,Take care of your health too man ,

DG4String says:

Thanks for the video!  I'm holding off on that jointer purchase for now  –  gotta try your method first, since I don't anticipate using it enough to justify the expense.  NEVER will understand why these panty-waists leave negative comments when they don't have a better video to back it up…

Ahmedali Hameed says:

انا معجب جدا باعمالك

TheSouthbreeze says:

nice Steve

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