Learn to code with AutoHotkey – Create and setup a script

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Organize your script–use the same syntax
{Bracket structure} to group in notepad++
Hotkeys to create:
Windows Spy

At the risk of giving a man a fish, here is what I use to activate Windows Spy, that comes with your ahk install.
^Capslock:: ;Windows Spy
sendinput {capslock up}
ifwinexist ahk_class AU3Reveal
SetCapsLockState Off
run AU3_Spy.exe


Iron Slay says:

What is windows spy???

Corruption says:

I got a script for Pull down 🙂 op

Bobby Unicorn says:

I want it to when i press v type space so i do


But it dosnt work help!

Wayne Aimable says:

can some one help me?….am trying to right a script so every time I press "shift+W" it is equal to double tapping W….can someone write this for me?

Sagar Rawal says:

what if i want it to repeat keystroke alt, enter and enter repetadely

TheNinjaTail says:

Hi, can anyone help me i need a autokey with something like this:
Press 1 for infinite time with time periodos of 5 secunds please help,thanks!

Before Bikes says:

Can some make me a hotkey that presses 9 and then right clicks  and then goes back to 1?

MsoP says:

Hi, I put in this script in autoscript:


I used it. had fun with it, now i want to stop it. how do i stop it?

Toms Matisons says:

Ok, tnx buddy

Toms Matisons says:

Hi, I already found so far this, try and check result:

Gui, Add, Edit, r30 w450 vMyEdit, POWERLINE CONDITION:
Gui, Show, w500 h300, Power lines commentary text box nr1

Gui, Submit, NoHide

FileDelete, data.txt
FileAppend, %MyEdit%, data.txt

BUT!!!  – as I told I still can not:

1. Save text boxes (as *.txt files)
2. simultaneously lauch, for example, ten buttons with name A
to have 10 separate text boxes of A type.

Can you help me out?

Toms Matisons says:

Hi, thank`s for answer.

But how can I save these opened text boxes and where are they saved? I can not find them anywere…?

And can you please write me the script for my needs, I already spent whole day trying to make this and I have to fly tomorrow, it is 1:10 am here in Europe… Pleasee help buddy, if it is not too complicated for you.

Second option – I will contiue to dig tomorrow..

Toms Matisons says:

Also two more questions:
1. how I can manage these *.txt file saving location?
2. can I open simultaneously more than 1 text window to make my notes at the same time?

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