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How to make a water pump :-


chantelle venter says:

love it :D

Gaming lord says:

But other than that I liked it

Gaming lord says:

I didn't like the background music

Reem Alhashmi says:

How did you make the water pump ?

Alessandro Arioli says:

But why you don't use the motor?
It can clean better with a motorized brush

ch “golden5” q says:

someone please oh please tell me what that song is called?

Le joueur du 76 Le joueur du 76 says:

how to make centrifugeuse

Ed19601 says:

so the mob only is moving passively? then why a motor?

Mohammadi Afshan says:

Awesome..!!! waste the glue too much, optimize it


yo quiero hacer igual, pero quiero controlarlo con un MODULO ASK como lo hago?? ayúdame… like

Putra aldhika says:

i dont know

Shivam Naudiyal says:

this was awesomee!! but how will the foam suck water in it???

Anton Mayr says:

Die Viteo was scheise

Anton Mayr says:

It was scheise zur video

‫מיכאל מיכאלי‬‎ says:

MUSIC: Arne Woutersax – Theme Of London

bem22tive says:

very good

PawikLord says:

Good robot ;)

har har says:

whats the msic

dion malok says:

faliminderit per komentet

Metina Adsay says:

fikir. ueek

RyZe DaSh says:

keep up the good work

RyZe DaSh says:

i liked the vid and i subed

RyZe DaSh says:

well let u know keep up the good work

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