Sushma and Pradeep’s home | Interior Design| at Shriram Suhaana | Bangalore

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A sneak peak into the modern and trendy Shriram Suhaana apartment interiors of Sushma and Pradeep !!

#Living area design

We have designed a beautiful TV unit for this living room.The wall behind the wall is decorated with natural stone.Two long ledges are designed to display the artifacts. Another specialty of this TV unit is two ledges in the shape of “P” and “S” which depicts the first letters of Sushma and Pradeep, the wonderful couple who lives there.Cove lights are provided behind the TV panel to highlight the stone cladding.Two peripherals in the shape of “L” is the design of the false ceiling,

#Pooja Unit design

The shutter of the pooja unit has a shutter with CNC cutting. Bottom cabinets are provided for storage.Spot light is provided on top. A 2 door shutter is designed on top of the pooja Unit.

#crockery Unit design

Counter height cabinets with storage. We have a granite counter top. The overhead cabinets has glass shutter and glass ledges inside.

#Modular Kitchen design

Its an “L” shaped kitchen with only white laminates.The wall near the cooking area is decorated with orange colored lacquered glass. We have hob, chimney, cutlery unit, bottle pull out and wicker baskets. Top lift cabinets are designed on either side of the chimney. A tall unit is designed near the microwave cabinet.

#Guest bedroom design

We have designed a wardrobe with pink and chapmain coloured laminates.A long and sleek wooden handles are designed for this wardrobe. A wide mirror is designed next to the Wardrobe.

# Master bedroom design

We have used white and beige colored laminated in this room.A rafter with spot lights are provided to display photo frames on the wall.A huge wardrobe with wooden handles are designed here. A dresser with drawers at the bottom accommodates all cosmetics.

This was a lovely and presentation of the interior designing which we have done at this home.If you think we can be your partner in crafting your dream interiors, do reach us @


Vrinda Giri says:

Kindly reduce the background music volume.

Vishal Patil says:

Nice!! What was the cost of the project?

Ashu M says:

beautiful and cozy home

saleema z says:

Hi, Who chooses the color of the wall, Wardrobe, Wall and curtains? the client?

abhay singh says:

very beautifull , excellent job BONITO DeSIgnS

Grace Marketing says:

I really appreciate whole team and specially say to hats off to vatsalya the way she expressed the presentation video

Grace Marketing says:

cheer up guys

Grace Marketing says:

hi bonito team you people are amazing and rocking , all the best and best of luck further project. to build a brand need team so be cooperative with each other , you people are rocking , bye regards grace praveen.

Satish Kumar says:

Hi this is Satish , I love u bonito designs and I really like the CNC material . Can you tell where to find to these CNC materials?

zamil ahsan says:

Very beautiful

Guruprasath Balraj says:

Hey Guys!!! What do I say more.. Once again an extraordinary work.

I loved the TV unit so much. Man.. It is awesome. The unit has filled the entire wall which gives a posh look and feel. And the letters P and S, the way it has been designed is really great.

So, bright and great colors all around the house. Spot lights and wooden panels have been planed and executed neatly.

Double claps to designer Jinil and Hurrays to Renu for bringing up such a great work to our eyes. I am becoming a big fan of Bonito and as well as Renu's.

Keep up the good work guys. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Keep inspiring more.

Tharun Mughun says:

I like that TV wall unit, it's simply good and nice. But I expect more about false ceiling before I click this video. But nice everything.

ramakrishna rao kottali says:

Tv unit and kitchen are nice. Where is the provision for gas cylinder?

Ritampriya Ghosh says:

another great design from bonito…much love to the whole team! <3 :D

Deepak Punjabi says:

How is the pooja unit inside can you pls share images of that

Krishna Sirotha says:

where is the wash basin / sink in the kitchen area !? it's a missing thing which should not be missed.

tenikapl says:

It's very nice and well planned. color combination is really wisely done.

satish betala says:

prashant, sushama, sriram suhana, cost, sft, inform cell no 9880163429

Priya G says:

hello bonito team please do a vedio on kitchen design in terms of planing, material, lighting etc.

Chaitali Rasal- Deshmukh says:

plz mention cost of the project…

Priya G says:

simple nice and easy to maintain interior of the house. I like wardrobe design, and kitchen cabinets are well organised in a small space.

Soumya Dutta says:

common guys…u can do much better than this..

Sananda Biswas says:

its simple n nice…what is the total square feet of this house n the costing of it?

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