Toronto International Film Festival: Day One

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It’s the first day of TIFF, and I’m taking you with me as I do interviews, walk the streets and see some films!

Dog Eat Dog:
Foreign Body
Free Fire


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Thank you all so much for watching and big virtual hugs to everyone who comments, subscribes, likes, and supports me. You’re all my jam! xx


Movie Lover206 says:

You are sooooooo wrong on Dog Eat Dog.

be od says:

When I first saw A single man I didn't realise it was directed by Tom Ford, THE Tom Ford! Can't wait for Nocturnal Animals.
And there is (almost) nothing online about Foreign Body :(

Jesue Valle says:

Gurl your blogging and editing skills are next level. Love these film festival vlogs. It feels like I'm right there. I can't wait to see Free Fire!

Kyle Orzech says:

Welcome to Toronto Alicia!

Will Forsyth says:

Making Australia proud.

Jair Silvera says:

Free Fire looks awesome!!!

Bradford Carlson says:

Alicia, Girl, you are so under subbed!

¯_(ツ)_/¯ says:

Good job Alicia! Hope to see you there.

Philip Moore says:

thanks for your shout out to new zealand great work alicia

Joana Carrelha says:

Editing power level over 9000!

Edward Limantoro says:

Hey Alicia!
if you love The Raid and The Raid 2, please take a look at Headshot which playing at TIFF :)

Tyler Myers says:

This may be your best edited video yet. Love the Edgar Wright-esque intro. Can't wait to check out your TIFF Vlogs.

Gimly M says:

I'm so excited for Free Fire.

Gimly M says:

Your videos get better and better every upload!

Ayotunde Afolabi says:

That first track is SO good. Full marks for the production value on your vlogs. Such a great viewing experience!

Faye Valentine says:

We really appreciate you doing these Vlogs Alicia, you put so much effort in them even though you must be so tired by the end of it.

Random Guy says:

Alicia coming with the strong edit. I see you lady.

Hassan Chávez says:

Very Requiem for a Dream/Shaun of the dead intro. It would be so cool to see the camera panning to the other end and voilà, Scott Mantz was recording the whole time!

Nolan BArth says:

Alicia Malone gets to see Tom Ford's new movie and we haven't even gotten a trailer for it yet… :(

Content Aware Phil says:

You should get yourself a sweet DJI Osmo mobile.

Sweet Escape says:

Wow! That was a fantastic festival vlog and I absolutely love your editing in this one. Sorry about the air horns us Canadians love hockey eh

zxivo says:

Is free fire a want to rush movie, or a eh if its there ill watch it.

KillerClown Sundae says:

LOVED The Edgar Wright inspired intro! It's great seeing these vlogs and making my own list of movies to catch too. Your suggestions are always great imo. Keep it up you legend, from one aussie to another :)

MusgoHBA says:

Someone has been watching Casey Neistad ;)

Shankar Roy says:

still loving the background music…

MovieAficionado1 says:

i really want to see FREE FIRE looks amazing

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