Mattress Company Airs Offensive 9/11 Commercial Tasteless Advertisement

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A mattress company in Texas put out an offensive 9/11 commercial…Here’s my opinion on the issue. Check out the mattress companies offensive 9/11 commercial here. Tasteless ad or brilliant marketing? Is it okay to laugh about these kinds of topics? Watch and explore this issue with me!

Mattress Company Condemned for ‘Tasteless’ 9/11 Commercial and ‘Twin Tower Sale’

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Mattress, Company, airs Offensive, 9/11, Commercial


nini.oshona says:

he makes so much sense

CoopyKat says:

I just watched the second half of this video. Forest Thorner, if that's his real name, needs severe THERAPY. Clearly this loser is unstable. It's the reason he posts a stupid rant like this shirtless.

CoopyKat says:

"a ad" <—- LOL. What a hillbilly PUTZ.

zorks50 says:

put some clothes on dude.. geesh. o, and shut up.. dumb fuck. I laughed at yo ugly ass.

Wicked Dick Of the West says:

I guarantee the people that laughed at this didn't lose a loved one that day.

Shawn Reed says:

this guy is a fucking loser, fuck that fat pig I hope the threats happen, and fuck you just because you are a brainless retard

Kevin Crow says:

Fuck you motherfucker!

SuperOdod says:

It was pretty funny actually. But I agree with you, keep up the good work.

Keith Becknell says:

I believe Occultists were behind it all.

Juan Guy says:

You're full of bullshit

CoopyKat says:

Forest, you LAUGHED at the commercial because you are one of the many dumbasses that exist in this world. I suppose you also laughed at people jumping off the buildings. Put a shirt on and throw away your camera, you are gross to even look at!!

R Stan says:

This guy is a fu##### As#hole

Rob Montgomery says:

first :3

Forest Thomer says:

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