Hopsin – False Advertisement (Official Video) REACTION

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Hopsin – False Advertisement (Official Video) REACTION

Original Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlb-HWpDDx0

back up channel -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5UKVrgN1ai4p3AKpUhatQ

Twitter – https://twitter.com/sekcmemo

Snapchat – blackmax100

Instagram – itzmaxjohnson




Fuck yeah. Hopsins #1

Indy sb says:

dope videos man

diabeat diaBEAT says:

Nice reaction bro! Team Lenovo!

tek giday says:

indeed he is

Hubba says:


Zachery Talbett says:

hop goes so hard in this song!

daniel “prodedexfame” potro says:

hes litterally my favorite rapper im always playing his music 24/7

Isaac Lopez says:

please do joyner lucas

BC Reacts says:

Hey love your vids, thinking about starting a reaction channel myself and I'm wondering how you got the video in the bottom of the screen?

John Paul says:

its a good song but the hook be sounding like the intro of a smosh episode

NateShakur says:

his latest songs fuckin suck

Cashy Cash says:

thanks for the reaction the original music video is blocked in my country lol

Brandon Toad says:

these type of videos are so lame!! I just clicked it so I can downrate it.

Josh B says:

Nice reaction bro

Drew Addison says:

I wonder who broke hopsin heart

Cameron says:

do you record with a potato

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