Hopsin – False Advertisement – Lyrics

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Fuck bitches


chuck Lesperance Sr says:

it's not quit it its just quit

Minnesota boy says:

hoe shut the fuck up!

Jordan Bronson says:

This is my mom right here

Leannrenee98 says:

So evadently this is the song my ex and his new bitch dedicated to me. sips coffee Meanwhile, I am a virgin and barely drink? Lmao. and she has lost count on how many people she has slept with? but thats none of my business.

DJM says:

check my lyrics out there all right , unlike these :)

CesQuire says:

What is the percentage of women who watched this video?

Deven Warner (Warner Gaming) says:

He sounds offbeat, like the lyrics don't conform from the beat, I kind of like it thoo lol

CracksDhead says:

That hook is so shit, no wait, all the lyrics are shit, haha.

IllmInd4815 says:

Stupid ass trap shit wtf hop…

Brayan Lopez says:

666 suscribers

Percius Westbrooks says:

Here's my reaction to the original video watch it or die ur choice https://youtu.be/GdXVmiMxdgI

Grizzly Revecks says:

How are the lyrics being broken down so fast? Because hop isnt a mumble rapper

LA Wannabe says:

Wow this was up quick

Amerika_Lost says:

If Pac was alive he'd be doin' some shit with Hopsin I think, IMO.

Derek Devlin says:

U forgot the part were he said so go cry some tears in ur tear bag

Michael Case says:

missed hella shit

NateShakur says:

why does he that trap shit, he used to hate these niggas, i still have a little bit of hope that he just does it to gain more fans and then drops a dope ass album full of dope songs like raw tho

BayernBoys says:

Thanks for making this lyrics vid

Brennan Gervais says:

Fuck bitches

O Jaca says:

Oh, Soo fast to create the lycris, nigga!!!!!
Thnx, o/

SKATEPRO221 says:

Hopsin has the lyrics that every one wants to hear about todays generation and how its wrong, and then he use the same beat style that most people listen to in todays rap.

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