Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr on the set of Gossip Girl in BK

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http://www.facebook.com/stupidfamouspeople – Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr shoot a scene on the set of Gossip Girl, which was filming in Brooklyn, New York. Visit our blog, we update daily!

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they were filming

sabrinaisonline says:

I'm actually glad hes not with Leighton Meester because if they broke up (which they probably would at some point) it might effect their ability to play Chuck and Blair. Like love scenes would be weird and bad.

drunkballerina89 says:

hahaha …and slurpy!

CNDVC says:

He looks so gorgeous when he's all dressed up!!

I want him…bad. :))

momochansam says:

grr.. i'd rather him be with leighton meester

Sophie Stratton says:

God who cares who he goes out with whether its Leighton or Jessica all that really matters is if he's happy.

85Clois says:

I love Ed and Jessica together. Then again, I' m not a huge fan of CB on the show, though, so I don' t mind CV either.

gthangg2 says:

you dont even know her…lol

fight4acause says:

Even celebs who many considered to be nice to fans and popzos have been know for being mean and having their not nice days, Brad Pitt started doing that lately and Justin Timberlake has been mean. Ed himself has blown off people because he was really annoyed. I'm sure she really was not having good day and you shouldn't base her being not nice on that one moment you met her.

goggleswithanose says:

i hate jessica.

FlightlessBird95 says:

Part II – We don't know this people, we're just fans and of course sometimes the stars are annoyed because of us and I think we just let them live their lives without comment every step that they make. Actually I feel sometimes really bad for them …

FlightlessBird95 says:

You're so right, of course we all love the couple C. & B. but thats in the serie, a fiction! The characters have nothing to do with the real people and actually I think that Jessica and Ed are very cute together and all this stuff about "Oh nooo, I hate her I want Blair and Chuck" get on my nerves too …

jns0202 says:

people are so fucked up they talk like the know these people. Ed is with Jessica, deal with it. there not characters, there people. and why would ed date leighton shes dating the guy who plays carter on the show. god people get on my nerves with that crap.

acmacdaddy911 says:

i saw them on vacation together in jamaica. it was legit

Ashley King says:

oh wow, okay then maybe she isn't so nice. but then again we never know. she could've been having a bad day. all i'm saying is we don't know these people so they can be bitches or the nicest people in the world but either way none of us are personslly BFF's with them. But that is rude of her to ignore you like that.

plop says:

shes not nice.
when i went to meet them i was like omg! jessica! and she just gave me this annoyed look and walked away.

zacynessa4eva says:

there is it says jessica szohr and ed westwick at some game its in my box

Ahsan5 says:

there isn't a video like that on your page. where is it ?

zacynessa4eva says:

see a video of ed and jessica smooching in the midst of a lakers game on my page!believe me its real!

Emily Wang says:

doesn't Ed remind you of Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables?

i mean from the looks, the smirks, everything!

i love them both 🙂

livexthexlife192 says:

wait?! Ed Westwick is going out with Jessica Shzor?!!! since wen i had no idea!!

MaggieShowCami says:

i hate ed with jessica 🙁
i like more leighton and ed

Ashley King says:

okay so you may not like vanessa but the actual actress jessica is really nice from what i hear.
btw i love ed's "mean looks" he gives to people… sexy!

zanessarulez4eva says:

they cant b going out!!!grrr it should be ed and leighton!i luv eds brit accent!!

smarty1196 says:

in the show chuck and balir are ment to be but in real life i dont mind ed and jessica althought it would be cute to see ed and leighton ♥

Angélica Calheiros says:

well, I agree with you xD but Jessica and Ed are kind of cute together

softballstar68 says:

they are going out together in real life

LuckyRabbit87 says:

i love how they had ed pretended tomotoe was thrown at him before he walked off.

xtaar says:

i hate vanessa she is such a b*tch
ed westwick is sooo hot

Katekazoo says:

omg..i thi9nk this is about episode 7 😐

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