Blake Lively Audition Tape – Gossip Girl

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I don’t own the rights to this video. Just posting from one actor to others. For more on auditions and actors’ life in Hollywood, check


Rollfilm says:

"EASY A" – DVD …

Riley Guinan says:

Shes smiling at weird times

Lune Bleue says:

how come i never knew of her!!

JustJess says:

I wonder if the other girl reading was Leighton Meester she sounded like her.

goldenismonica says:

she used to look like ke$ha before the nose job.

Clara Noyon says:

She did not had her nose-surgery yet !

Cindy H says:

not a very good acting.

diana g says:

I love seeing audition tapes cuz you see the things that got cut

Hannah Foster says:

She reminds me of Melissa Benoist. The way her mouth forms words and her voice . So melissa .

Luu Damiani says:

That was perfect

OurExitWounds says:

Serena was for her for sure

bellafaatiha says:

she is the best serena!

firas potter says:

Blake is just too perfect to be true

firas potter says:

Blake is just too perfect to be true

InsideOut says:

She plays Serena to a T

Liz Joiner says:

The funniest thing, is parts of the scene she acted just the same in the actual episode.

Leean Moon says:

she was perfect for Serena. so beautiful

Final Limits says:

She's so freaking pretty.

Victoria Crompton says:

Some actors look too stiff in their audition tapes. She moves around and she changes her facial expressions in very natural looking ways.

Danial Shariffuddin says:

Omg. Does she ever age?

Alleé Keene says:

This makes me want to re-watch Gossip Girl again. I remember being in middle school when it first premiered and never missing an episode. I liked it better in the earlier seasons but it's still one of my favorite show. I love Blake's voice, it's so unique and sexy.

Chloe Adriano says:

Why does the other girls voice sound like Vanessa Hudgens?

Anna Med says:

I like this!

Anderson Thiago Barbosa says:

Ganhou a vaga por um decote de vantagem e muito talento. O filme A Incrível História de Adaline é lindo… épico.

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