Why Are People So Obsessed With Celebrities? Pop Culture, Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Worship

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Why do people care about celebrities so much? Why do people care about celebrity gossip and pop culture?

Who wants to know what Katy Perry is doing every day? Who cares? Many people, apparently.

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prajakta mayek says:

its so true what u say is very true. even i was obssesed with celebrity culture nd now i absolutely dont care. about no one of them i btr focus on my life

Zuzana Markova says:

It's nonsense to feel inferior to celebrities. They're people just like us, the only difference being that they have s*itloads of money and are widely recognized and often idolized. They got a bit lucky at one point in their lives but they also have to pay the price and thats lack of privacy. They do have a lot of lovers – but also haters as well, and that's the dark side of it.
People are so attracted to them because they would want to live their (seemingly) glamorous lives with lots of money and admirers, but it doesn't always have to be all that great.
Moreover, some celebrities don't even have a talent or are not nice people. You or someone else "regular" may be more "valueable." They're just 'famous.' But its probably not so wonderful every day and it sucks not to be able to hide from the world.

Denise smith says:

If celebrities want privacy they can get it., When do you see Daniel day lewis in news.

DrewYetti says:

maybe because they think celebrities have better and fun lives when it's not all that as celebs can have their lives ruined with one false move. I rather be rich than famous. 

brian martin says:

i like you 

Nunrapier Babykiller says:

The only thing more boring than celebrity worship is your diatribe. 

Manfists says:

I think the reason people pay attention to celebrities is because they don't have enough willpower or courage to be the main character in their own life story so they fill the void with "publicly provided" main characters.

Rye Dizzle says:

I completely agree with you bro.. People are f***ing stupid. I hear people say all the time "Oh; this celebrity, or that celebrity is so nice" They've never even met the person nor do they truly know them. People are spineless, weak followers. Plain and simple

JamUnderFire says:

Thanks! I should really try and upload more often.

Karl Hammond says:

amen brother !

Hammond Curtis says:

Fuck celebrities !! Case is over

GypsyGypsy13 says:

Omg, because they're like zombies and can't think for themselves. It's just entertainment, nothing all that serious. They are not idols to worship and they do nothing for no one. Needless to say. What else is new under the sun?

Ice Turner says:

I could see why you'd want to meet a celebrity, because they appear interesting or funny or sexy, but I see them as normal people. A celebrity is just a person famous for a certain talent, or in some cases not having talent and for just being plain stupid, but at the end of the day they are human like everyone else and have the same talent as many people have. I just think it's because people have a general interest in a celebrity, or they are trying to fit in with a certain group.

Rose NoHo says:

I'm a Tom Cruise fan. Love him. I'd get all wiggly if I met him. Humans are pack animals, like wolves, and like with wolves, not all members of the pack are equal. There is a leader, well leaders. As pack animals are concerned with what other members of the packs are up to.

Ash Jay says:

Celebrities are going to disapoint you because they don't do anything all day, and they have a lot of money. Plus, they're 'loved' by thousands of people. Models aren't all pretty, actually, to be a model, you have to be really photogenic and not all models are as beautiful as they seem in pictures and videos. Celebrity relationships are just to win more money, most of them are faker than barbie.

Jordan Hollis says:

They just want to live in the shadows of a life they're not going to have. I personally do like some celebrities, but I'm not going to act like they're gods or goddesses, love them or hate them, that's completely your choice.

AnnaKlava says:

THE FEELS. Same as you about Entertainment bullshit. Nice seeing your vids again.

ElektraKnight says:

I've always wondered the same thing. I think we should all respect their privacy. 😉

j7sh1 says:

Omg I loveeeee Taylor Swift…but that's it no one else lol

Somethingaoisome says:

I agree completely!

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