Metastatic Breast Cancer Cured Without Chemo, Radiation, Surgery – Cancer Control Society Conf 2011

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Laura Magill’s September 4, 2011 testimony of invasive metastatic breast cancer healed without chemotherapy, radiation, surgery – how she used intravenous therapies (I.V.), hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and supplements administered at Pacific Medical Center of Hope, Dr. Nezami, in Fresno , California, and cryoablation (tumor freezing) by Dr. Jason Williams in Gulf Shores Alabama to become cancer free, healthy, to balance her hormones – which drove the cancer – and how she feels better now by immune boosting therapies than when she was in her 20’s.
***Prior to the diagnosis and treatment, she suffered from sleeplessness, monthly debilitating migraines, frequent bladder infections, lethargy, low energy, she was too weak to exercise regularly, moodiness, depressive feelings, weak fingernails, poor skin. After treatment began, all the symptoms disappeared within a week.


Angelica Parungao says:

i just want to know did u had ist mastecomy then u id not o chemo but resort to alternatives

babyxenae says:

I was just diagnosed on May 11, 2014. I have have been scared to death every since
I have T1 Stage 1 invasive lobular ER + PR+ her2 8.9, My doctors are telling me i have to have chemo and radiation treatments . I called everyone ACS even told me because of my her2 being elevated I would probably not survive 5 years. So far I have flat out refused the chemo I keep looking at myself in the mirror and saying i cant do this myself. I also have vasovagal syncope which causes me to pass when ever i throw up. I just cant imagine being that sick and passes out every where. I just some direction please I live in baltimore, we have hopkins but I dont know if they have the treatment you speak of.

Gracie Byrd says:

Love this video!  Will this regiment work with Triple Negative Breast Cancer?  Please let me know as soon as possible.  Although there are different biological structures of breast cancer.  Will this work for TNBC?

Laura Guzman Magill says:

Still in remission…. tested monthly. scans every 3 months for the first year. Now, scans every 6 months. Yes cancer always returns. It's in my stem cells. But I'm getting maintenance treatments at Pacific Medical Center of Hope to keep it away.
October, 2013 this month marks 14 months remission.

Madilyn Roberston says:

Good video, so many people are brainwashed = only treatment = slash,burn, toxify. There are other ways..I've done 3 yrs of research, true stories I experienced were amazing. I spoke to a 74 yr old a few days ago, & he showed me his pet scan report/ numbers from AMAS test.. He was/is cancer free, 2yrs in remission by doing a heavy duty professional, detox & total diet change. Docs gave him 2 months ..he had so many tumors in lungs they couldn't count them all, said he got angry& wasn't giving up

Laura Guzman Magill says:

@amymcelheny — As for 'evidence' – you might want to review the definitions of 'evidence.' Aren't I as a living walking person with verifiable lab reports, diagnoses, MRI's, PET scans, etc, 'evidence' of what has worked as a treatment for cancer? In fact, the National Cancer INstitute/National Instituted of Health are currently studying my doctor's results, mine, and others from same clinic. I appreciate questions and concerns, but your bias is quite apparent.

Laura Guzman Magill says:

@amymcelheny –to add context to this video, I was told to give a '1 min speech on my diagnosis, treatment, status' only. I was diagnosed-by 2 diff dr's-w/ 'metastatic breast ca' & lymph nodes were outside breast area, ergo, 'metastatic..' As for 'responsibility of giving anecdotes,' this video is in context of MY treatment. I advocate for choice, and unfortunately, it is the medical establishment in genl that is irresp for its '1-size-fits-all' approach to cancer…

amymcelheny says:

One–The stage she describes is not "metastatic." Two–it can come back. I'm happy for her current state of remission, but only time will tell how durable her recovery will be. Three–"breast cancer" is a catchall term for fifteen different kinds of cancer.All cancer is an immune system issue, and boosting the immune system is a great idea. But it is irresponsible to give an anecdote and propose that as a "one size fits all" story. The plural of anecdote is not evidence.

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