How To Mix Soil And Why For Growing 1 Pound Medical Marijuana Plants

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This has been my primary mix for years. I have added things and taken things away as new products have hit the market.

The best way to prove if something works or not is to take it away from the soil and see if plant shows signs of stress or negative change.

The only change as of lately is I substituted Sunshine #4 and mix it in at the rate of 50/50 for veg and then top off with 25% more Ocean Forest when I toss them in bloom.

If you want that earthy flavor Ocean Forest is where it is at. Only issue is it has poor drainage. I have found the more synthetic the nutrients used the higher the Ocean Forest ratio needs to be to maintain flavor.


tyler ritter says:

awesome information man appreciate your work!
quick question, I have access to elephant manure and was thinking of using it in a supersoil mix? I have herd of others using bat guano or horse manure apposed to normal cow manure. what are your thoughts on that?

chili Pazdel says:

I don't know about that big ass pot I use 1gal pot and pull out a min of 4oz I'll put 12 to 16 pots in my tent that's a 4×4 and pull a lot of weight out but any really good grower knows it's not too much about the pot its about your tops and focusing energy to the tops 3 foot plant with a min of 12 tops u will come out OK

Hector Navarro says:

how did you know weather to have one or 2bags of the fox farm soil

Gilbert Ehret says:

How many LB,s of Coco Coir Bricks did you you use? and where did you buy them?

Dr. Q says:

For Gnats; use a small plastic butter/margarine container and fill it half way up with Vinegar and then add in some dish soap like two tablespoons, stir good, then put Saran wrap over it acting as a lid with a rubber band holding it in place tight like a drum , poke a bunch of small holes in it a Gnat could crawl thru, then put it on the floor of your grow room in a corner and watch it fill up with Gnats before your eyes. If it dont work right away, give it some time, it will.

brin ca says:

where do i find the recycled glass rocks? all i seem to be able to find is the fancy glass….none of the local places i call seem to know what i am talking about.. brand name? thx

Logan S says:

Sweet. I normally water my soil before I set the plant and pack it down…….then water.

dependable cabco says:

does this increase the yeild of an autoflowering plant

au69miner says:

most important thing I picked up here was…MORE AIR to my roots….

Rupak Rajbanshi says:

if nitrogen & potassium is mixed in soil?

dmprisk says:

why can't you just plant the seed or clone in this big pot and then you don't have to transplant it? And what about Diatomaceous Earth for the gnats?

Crazy Street Boyz says:

Could i use CoCo Coir & Perlite for my soil will that be good enough ?? or whats another cheap soil mix ?

ty gable says:

im on the house and garden and promix coco bags. it is way more expensive but dude im the cheapest motherfucker youve ever met and i still say its totally worth getting the bags to save yourself that hassle.

Asho Ondeck Aka Jiggy says:

What if my soil contains little bit compost?

mjj 0062 says:

I tried that soil outdoors once and it was a disaster. Attracted too many bugs

mark lones says:

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Hubbwatch says:

Would u use gnat nix on top vs larger stones?

cydor36 says:

the guy is on blow

Will Hammer says:

Most informative soil grow video I've seen onda tube

Agro Garden says:

Nice video,
For future reference though Azos does NOT break down roots like enzymes do. Azos is bacteria that (for an easy way to put it) gathers atmospheric nitrogen and fixates it into the soil in a plant available form. Basically it feeds your plants nitrogen from the air..

carlos dubois says:

anybody n atlanta

Mick Mick says:

will sand prevent sand gnats? and if so, how deep on top?

Armand Prinsloo says:

uhm ever heard of organic nutes? hmmm

NiceTech 28 says:

use sand for gnats take 2 inch of old soil off first gnats will only lay eggs around 1 inch from top of soil line I grow bonsai and have to do this on hundreds of pounds worth of trees iv used this method for years abit of milk added to water helps aswell it kills the fungus in the soil the larvae feed off of

woo bear says:

ducnhman it makes sense,  it's really all about the soil that makes the plant very healthy and good, thanks man

Marc R says:

I wonder if any fine rock would work? the gaps in the stones look pretty big.. don't the adult gnats just go around the big rocks? also do you have problems with the openings on the bottoms of your pots with gnats getting in?

grimthereeper says:

Great video

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