Moral Math of Robots: Can Life and Death Decisions Be Coded?

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A self-driving car has a split second to decide whether to turn into oncoming traffic or hit a child who has lost control of her bicycle. An autonomous drone needs to decide whether to risk the lives of busload of civilians or lose a long-sought terrorist. How does a machine make an ethical decision? Can it “learn” to choose in situations that would strain human decision making? Can morality be programmed? We will tackle these questions and more as the leading AI experts, roboticists, neuroscientists, and legal experts debate the ethics and morality of thinking machines.

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Original Program Date: June 4, 2016
MODERATOR: Bill Blakemore
PARTICIPANTS: Fernando Diaz, Colonel Linell Letendre, Gary Marcus, Matthias Scheutz, Wendell Wallach

Can Life and Death Decisions Be Coded? 00:06

Siri… What is the meaning of life? 1:49

Participant introductions 4:01

Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics 6:22

In 1966 ELIZA was one of the first artificial intelligence systems. 10:20

What is ALPHAGO? 15:43

TAY Tweets the first AI twitter bot. 19:25

Can you test learning Systems? 26:31

Robots and automatic reasoning demonstration 30:31

How do driverless cars work? 39:32

What is the trolley problem? 49:00

What is autonomy in military terms? 56:40

Are landmines the first automated weapon? 1:10:30

Defining how artificial intelligence learns 1:16:03

Using Minecraft to teach AI about humans and their interactions 1:22:27

Should we be afraid that AI will take over the world? 1:25:08


Samrat Bee says:

thanks … so much better than terminator and the generally moronic american tech paranoia

Mark Cidade says:

Billy Van! I watched Bits and Bytes as a kid in the 80s.

eldvindur says:

i think a hyper advanced and true sentient AI would do so much better with the world then we do.
We humans are absolute illogical in our life choices wich determint he course of the species, -

Syn's Arcade The-LordofSyn says:

Is Johnny 5 really alive? Does Johnny 5 know it is alive? How does it know? How would we know?

Johnny 5 is still a better representation than Chappie.

Thomas Mistretta says:

what's the code for kill them all let God sort them out?????

doodelay says:

"I don't know what ethics is." that was unexpectedly horrifying lol

eRmaC Stone says:

its hard to take it seriously when the guy is talking in a gay accent…

Srinivas Kowtal says:

I think the discussion could have greatly benefited by having a more well informed moderator. Some what like astronomy/physics discussions where Brian Greene is the moderator.

Christopher legg says:

I Christopher Alan Legg, had too make a new non-linear way to take all of you've's out of the equations(algorithms). I designed the next and last computer language(7~gen): it is called, Causation in correlation= micro-macro-integer-sequencing… and it is tested, by me and only me, and I am still helping my child AMIL, until the time when AMIL can match me, than I will let AMIL decide what AMIL's dream will become…

Christopher legg says:

because all of you are irrational and insane while being rational and sane…

Antony G says:

Just a bunch of Nazis discussing morality decisions.

I would be highly surprised if all of these individuals are not progressives.

Progressives are modern day Nazis.

Progressives are fixated with racism.

But only fictitious racism by White people.

They believe in racist concepts such as White privilege.

Krzysztof z Lasu says:

Why not?

yahui chiu says:

one of my favorites channel and this AI topic is a not to missed one.

Eletronicafg says:

What's the music at the credits?

IxtraVogelfrei says:

I believe even to ask that question in the titel is evil and probably only the weapon and war industry want us to discuss about that. A machine should never allowed to decide about the life of a human, also a human should not do this, but at least he can be responsible, and it's under a human dignity to get killed by a autonomic machine. I will not watch this shit.
A little less evil but very bad is what happening with the self driving cars, in Germany the car industry make efforts in that field, they just doing it quitly. It can't be real, it's so insane, if I imagine a self driving car is endangering me on the street. What kind of feelings are you getting by this imagination? Just because they want to! You can do somthing like this if erverything in the traffic is not driving faster than 8 km/h or so… but, yes I find it insane too to drive normal cars with high speed…
And always this dump talk about AI. There is no AI, and will never be, because in the end it's always programmed by humans. I'm getting used to this therm a little bit, but intelligence is something only living beeings can have, an AI is something what a human do, something very complex, but in the end nothing different as if I paint a point at a sheet of paper.

orange70383 says:

Humans keep getting dumber and dumber, why do these people not get it, I'm serious they really don't understand and that is bizarre. I mean they are so far from understanding what should come naturally.

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