LG V20 Software Feature Focus

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The LG V20 is the first Android smartphone to ship with Android Nougat out of the box – however, a look at the software of LG’s newest flagship shows a couple noteworthy changes the LG UI formula.

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BloodFlow HigH says:

lg ui aint ugly to me,looks great


he said neko. Japanese 4 cat most people watching won't know that. don't know why he said that

snke_ontube says:

Beautiful Phone! But I don't like the update program of LG…V10 with android M still have the old interface, and received android M this summer

Mustafa Mirza says:

I really wanna buy this phone but the only thing that lets me down is lcd
Will it make a major difference

Neeraj Dubey says:

This wallpaper is annoying!

mrkiky says:

Can the wallpaper be a nice flaming lowercase T? Also does the phone come in white? I'm kinda … not really a fan of black.

Minh Duc Nguyen says:

i just hope it has great battery life

Beastly 1stGen G35 says:

I'm running 7.0 (vanilla like a nexus) on my Galaxy Tab S. It's very nice. I love that I can clear cache without having to wait a minute (more like 5) for it to refresh the apps or optimized or whatever you call it after doing so. It's also incredibly smooth. My Tab S is an ancient by today's standards Exynos 5 and 3gb of ram pushing 2560 x 1600 resolution and it still runs absolutely flawlessly smooth though there is an odd graphics glitch when rotating but that's from the rom not the OS. Battery life seems about the same as always so far… what's new? But it does seem to idle a tiny tiny bit better. It loses about 1% every 3 or 4 hours with wifi, location on and sync of multiple apps. If I turn those off and just leave wifi it keeps it's % for about a full day, maybe 2 if I don't wake it.

NeoDaOne says:

I do like those icons at the top of the phone utilizing that space. Real nifty.

Imran Amjad says:

LG Skin is so cheap….crappy chinese like icons and colours

Najeeb Puthiyallam says:

what a sht phone ruined all android fun.

TheMemeHunter says:

am i the only one who noticed lg finally added a proper theme engine? they even confirmed that in their ux 5.0+ video.

Raja Mag Dich says:

and the downloadable App-Drawer still has the Design from Android 4.4…

coffeeblak86 says:

LG is so dumb. right before the iPhone 7 = suicide lol. No one is buying this sheet!!!

coffeeblak86 says:


Boe Dillard says:

I was really hoping this phone would be the best solution but the stingy 3200mah battery really is disheartening.   The only way to salvage this unit is if they include a spare battery and a charger that can charge the one in the phone and the spare battery simultaneously.

John Pineda says:

nice i have been wanting for lg to do that with the themes

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