Best Android Phones June 2016

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Robalinoandres says:

android supporter
use a apple computer

Logical_Walrus says:

omfg you made a mistake im going to go cry about it in your comment section now!

Slushy Ice says:

One plus 3

Wubbahead1 says:

I'm watchng at 480p and this looks HD to me… my internet is sooo slow :(

fhhh says:

I feel like he's the older youth leader at church

ron c says:

too much ads

Sondre Lisø says:

Sony Xperia z5 premium or Sony xperia x preformance?

José Martínez says:

Where is oneplus 3?

Kartik R Sudhir says:

Where's the Motorola Z/Z Force?

yoshii2011xo says:

I switched to an apple about 3 years ago and regretted it ever since. Looking to get back to an android.

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