The Most Amazing Movie Advertising Tricks Ever Used By Studios!

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Here are 10 famous movie advertising strategies that got it all right! (Deadpool, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star Wars and more!)
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Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a film. In the months leading up to its release, the studio puts together trailers, posters, and other materials to make the project appeal to the widest audience possible. Even when a movie is a surefire hit at the box office, stellar advertising can be the reason it goes on to break records instead of just posting decent figures. There’s no denying that film marketing has become an art form and can play a large role in how viewers perceive what’s coming through the pipeline. Here are 10 of the greatest marketing campaigns of all-time.

Script by: Chris Agar

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Edited by: Guillaume Borgomano

Deadpool | 0:35
Star Wars: The Force Awakens | 1:08
The Dark Knight | 1:41
Avatar | 2:12
Cloverfield | 2:46
The Blair Witch Project | 3:18
Ex Machina | 3:54
The Social Network | 4:28
Guardians Of The Galaxy | 5:02

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Justin Hardee says:

pretty sure there was not promotion for Blair Witch because it was a student film…

NightOwlsMedia says:

The American remake of the Ring where the marketers would place VHS tapes in places like bus stops and libraries with the Ring video on it with a date at the end to advertise the movie. These were smart.

Drak Miles says:

Best opening

Bee Whistler says:

The music in this was horrible…

Simple Filemaker says:

this video does not talk about ad tricks but how famous the movie became.

Mark Ukrainetz says:

ID4 had one of the best marketing plans for any film.

Machop Power says:

Um, Deadpool isn't rated R in Australia. It's MA15+

Anjelica Foley says:

The Martian YouTube campaign check it out

MrGeorgeo22 says:

Suicide squad…….. just saying

KlentAwesomeSauce- Minecraft, Vines, Stuff says:

3 words
jedi mind trick

Menegroth1 says:

you seriously didnt include the cafeteria "Carrie" promo? really? almost non of these fit the criteria you set.

No Name says:

Titanic. There wasn't ANY advertising! And it was the highest grossing film at the time. Amazing.

InFinite Chase says:

Watching the opening credits watching the yellow text roll up the screen of Star Wars episode 7 made me tear up with joy when I went to see it with my dad

Oliver Chapman says:

Tall total distribution slightly.

Mike Heisler says:

Jurassic World was one of my favorite marketing campaigns.  They had the website that looked like a theme park website with people enjoying the day, cameras throughout the park, links to their sponsors.  Then when the movie opened, all hell broke loose on the website.  Very well done.

Brandon Binder says:

Dude great video but it's the house of mouse not mouse house

Christopher Gonzalez says:

You forgot ID4!

Jon Snow says:

did I see this??

Malachi Jones says:

Lets have more rob flis on voiceovers!

Challenge Accepted says:

Probably rogue one because of the successful Star Wars universe

Tyberius Quadson says:

Batman v Superman had some of the worst Marketing EVER.

AmazingHatOfDreams says:

I thought SW VII's trailer was boring and generic, and worse still, not particularly atmospheric in that Star Wars way. There was a certain way of filming combined with music which really worked in the originals trilogy and that was just completely missing from the trailers. I guess all those people who were tearing up had not actually bothered to engage with Star Wars in a long time, which made it more impressive for them, but I was a fan before so Abram's trailers were underwhelming, and my initial cautious reservations were rewarded with the most colossal disappointment when it came to the film itself, which had the least imaginative script a Star Wars movie could possibly have. I had hopes that Disney would put someone in charge who knew what they were doing, so that they would enjoy the success that the directors and writers at Marvel have enjoyed, but… No. Just… No. They killed any hype that I have for future movies based off of how much utter unoriginal trash VII turned out to be. At least the prequels were original concepts and added to the universe, rather than doing a bland reset which says: "Hey, y'know, none of the events of the original trilogy mattered. All the original cast are old and absolute abject failures. Now look at some diversity people and be happy you have Star Wars again." Literally just a remashed original trilogy in one movie. Pfft. They didn't even have any interesting aliens, just a cheap female Yoda knockoff and some superfluous background cantina puppets.

Jack Franklin says:

will someone reply to this comment?

Zain Rana says:

what about tropic thunder

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