All Unbelievable And Amazing Auditions – America’s Got Talent 2016

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All Unbelievable and Amazing Auditions – America’s Got Talent 2016
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Asia Pic says:

siete tutti stranieri qui

Don't mess with me please says:

Subscribe me and I will subscribe back with 4 accounts within 12 hrs. Just comment "done".

serena marquez says:

it became a magic show

Anime AMV's says:

For the jelly bean one it is very easy to do, they picked the jelly beans based on their personalities, then they said to pick a different color which crosses another jelly bean so it is easier to guess

Connor Grijalva says:

guys gueess what yoloooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

baby Graham says:

is magic real????

Aaryan Ary says:

Is one of the judge from 1direction

RuFf LeDgEr says:

The guy from 1 Erection is here?

Fuck no..

Miguel Castellon says:

that song which sounds when the coupple are switching their clothers…. i cant grasp the word i just catch: i got my mind made up… can anyone tell me the name and the author of that song

‫فهد الفريدي‬‎ says:

استفغر الله

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