This 5 Year Old Kid Is A Math Genius

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to an extremely young boy that can solve math problems like it’s nothing. That awkward moment when a kid is smarter than you.

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Rely Mae says:

He should Try Perfect Square Too

Rely Mae says:

he has Talent Logical mathematical Of 9 Smart Of Howard Gardner or Gartner??

Chilu Genuth says:

U should just be quite for a few so we can just watch the video and enjoy it! U have got no humor so just keep ur slow comments to ur self

Erika Ly 。 says:

whats with his shirt?!?! hah it was rlly irritating me


damn it I wanted to see the resy

Brianna Davis says:

I started doing math when i was 3 but wth has this kid been doing?!?!?!?!!

Lexiah Govea says:

and I'm in 6th grade

Lexiah Govea says:

all the square and those different words I didn't know what he was saying that is very sad

Jaretzy Ibarra says:

wtf I'm bad at math this kid beats my ass up

Nishatur Ahmed says:

I check if 0+0 still equal 100000….

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