PULLING THINGS OUT OF MY BODY | Uncontrollable Fevers | Cancer Treatment Vlog #10

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Back in hospital again with uncontrollable fevers. Discussing progress and treatment. Talks of pulling out my chest port…

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James Kearsley is a fitness enthusiast from Australia. In early 2014 he was diagnosed with a blood cancer, Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. He used social media platforms, predominantly Instagram and Facebook, to document and broadcast his treatment, recovery and remission.
James’ comeback to the gym, fitness and bodybuilding has inspired and motivated many people worldwide through the documentation of his this difficult time and the transformation of himself after remission.
James aims to motivate and inspire those within the fitness industry and to be a testament to those diagnosed with cancer, that they


Freedom Outdoor Living says:

You are a world away but I can feel your pain here. You are so brave, God bless you James. :)

Joy Vradenburg says:

You are so Brave. I'm Praying for you. Hugs.

Margie Lavarias says:

Thank you soo much for your awesome blogs!! Thank you for sharing your story.
God bless.

Amanda Nichols says:

The long nights in a hospital are the worst…

brooke hyllested says:

You are so strong and inpiring. I love how positive you stay ❤

Essie Munter says:

hey James..love the vids..going through cancer right now..now how you feel..staying positive is the key! just started vlogging and see i can learn a lot from you..

thelaurels13 says:

Watching you videos and seeing you go through this is heart wrenching, but inspirational at the same time! I hope you pull through this and the treatments are successful. Thank you for allowing people to see you at such a vulnerable state, which takes an enormous amount of courage. Wishing you the very best and wishing you full health very soon.

Haley Golden says:

You are SUCH an inspiration to everyone who watches your videos. I just recently started watching you and I am in awe of how strong and courageous you are! Stay strong and know that we are all praying and thinking about you every day!

PuppyBitesFeet says:

Yelling at the woman taking your cultures… WHERE ARE HER GLOVES? Omg. Cancer patient, low immune system and doesn't wear gloves INFECTION RISK INFECTION RISK INFECTION RISK. The nurse in me is going craaaaay

Eoin Cooney Fitness says:

man Im really enjoying these vlogs, they're extremely interesting and your positive mind set is phenomenal and you're an absolute inspiration, please keep us posted and stay strong bro !!

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