What your doctor didn’t tell you. What to expect after Weight loss Surgery

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Sorry about the length of this video. I was so eager to upload another video for you guys that I decided to post this unedited.
These are a few Quirky things that you may experience after having WLS…


wafaa mohamed says:

I actualy don't pat my chest i just go through it all up

Druuna55 says:

This was sooo helpful, I am seriously thinking abort getting sleeved and you really opened my eyes, thanks!! :)

Diane Big says:

Yes, sometimes, I felt like I have to burp myself. Like i was a giant baby. I would have to hit my upper back against the wall to get the food down.

Diane Big says:

Well described.

GG Girl says:

Can you burp now?

Jasmine Stevens says:

I'm supposed to get my surgery in December. Thank you for this video !

frazzled pots75 says:

My mom had bypass over 20 yrs ago and they patted her to help wit gases and it helped her a lot

Stephanie McGee says:

It must affect everyone differently. My best friend had sleeve and absolutely burps… like a ton!! lol

Shannon Blankenship says:

I'm a little late to this, but would! Thank you!!! We're well done, and informative. Congratulations of your success!

Robert Angel says:

Thank you for this information.  I am having WLS on August 15th.  This really has me thinking about lots of things that I had not thought about before.

lee mcdonald says:

Wow I really enjoyed your video. My husband had the gastric bypass in 2002 and he said the same things you talk about when you mentioned the food sticking ect..
My surgery date is 8/8/16 and I'm getting the sleeve, and I'm getting nervous too,so thanks for all the info.
I learned a lot it !

Ebony Butler says:

Yesss, so true!!!! I feel the same way, I'm almost 2 months post op.

Jamaicanmikrazii Nett says:

Im having surgery on the 29th and I'm so nervous any suggestions

Esther Royes says:

Brilliant subject and thanks for sharing!

Me veggie's only says:

lapbanders like me are known to get 'stuck" but your one of the few "vsger"that say anything about being stuck with different textures of protein. Glad your doing well and you look great!

Linda Ras says:

Mickey Mouse club house

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