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#235: Let’s talk weight loss surgery! I know this was a long video, but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask! I’m an open book!
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Lori Breuker says:

So understand….I had gastric sleeve, your right about it's each our journey. I am still on this journey too

J G says:

I wanted to ask you why would the doctors put you on meat and tell you to limit your carbs? Dr.McDougall talks about this all the time and says it's because of the meat and dairy industry. If I could encourage you today please go look at his website it's dr.mcdougal.com there is loads of recipes and tons of knowledge about how to loose the weight and feel great!! Also he does free live webinars every Thursday on his site, which then gets uploaded to his YouTube channel:) I wish you and your husband the best!!!

Diane Big says:

This is a great video. Thank you

Lifes Adventures says:

Your so freaking cute lol!

Caras Life on the Farm says:

I want my weight to start with a 1 also. great video lots of good advice

James Eliot says:

I'm happy to hear your happy with your choice to have surgery. Unfortunately my husband had weight loss surgery but had complications and passed away , He was 51 . Losing weight is not easy just try your best. Sharon

April Bennett says:

I'll be having the same surgery. You can always go back to basics and loose the weight. That's the great thing about the DS. Are you in any of the Facebook groups?

Linn says:

What do you do for work? Like whats your title? Career?

Stephanie says:

Post weight loss poops and gas is sooooo real. I'm a bypasser and I never realised that I would stink out bathrooms post op and ohhh hell no way I will use a public bathroom for a poop unless there is literally no choice.I love that you shared all of this. So many people think that its an easy way out and that once its done then that's that, you are 'cured' (the forums I used to be on you would see people saying "10lbs gone forever" and that sooo isn't true. I went from a UK 26 down to a UK 8-10. They said that I would likely gain back about 20% when my body adjusted to the new internal workings, so when I did, that was fine, but then I got cancer (along with chronic ill health) and the pain medicines I am on daily makes my body want to grip tight on to every last pound, so I gained back around 70lbs and was making dumb choices with food (I am a sensitive dumper, so sugar isn't a huge love of mine) and I was so jaded and angry about life (I already had ptsd from a previous violent relationship, but then add cancer into the mix!!!) and the weight was just climbing and climbing and it broke my heart. I literally sat down and asked out to fates to send me a way to change, a way to not be able to eat my weakness foods (cheese mainly, especially melted over Doritos oh and I ate far too much bread) and knew nothing would ever help me. Suddenly, I got really painful stomach aches which my doctor said was my IBS had been set off into a 'secondary' IBS. Suddenly, I cant eat bread, or cheese or very much at all actually, there is very little I can actually eat, but you know what…I love it!! It is like my own personal will power 'shot'. I am now around 30lbs (ish) down and absolutely thrilled about it, sure my life is harder now because of the extreme limits on what I can ingest, but I feel so much better in my own skin and my family doctors reaction was amazing when she saw me, I had lost 10lbs when I originally saw her about the stomach bug, but then she saw me 20lbs later and was stunned, it was awesome heheBut it is absolutely not an easy journey and it most definitely is not a case of once the weight is off its off and you will never struggle again. After all, they operate on our body, not our brain xx

RaChelle Stewart says:

BTW….You look amazing!

RaChelle Stewart says:

Love this vlog. Yours is so transparent and informative!
I have a degenerative neuro disease and so my weight is piling on. I relate and the frustration.

TheTravelingClatt says:

Im Happy for you Aimee! each person goes through this journey in a different way and I think your doing a superb job!

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