Oligodendroglioma Update: 4 days of radiation, 5 days of chemo pills

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There are some cheesy songs out there that stick with me because the lyrics really strike a cord. Chumbawamba sang “I get knocked down and I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down…” (from ‘Tubthumping’), Rick Astley sang “Never going to give you up, Never going to let you down…” (sang to self).
Anyhow, here is an update from day number 1056 since my first grand mal seizure back in September 2013. The road has been winding with many option downs, but one thing persists is my dad at two in continuing to fight to survive. And it is not just to survive, but to thrive. Regressive seizures how’s been a big struggle for me, but my determination has been greater.
I began radiation and chemotherapy pills on Tuesday of last week. Radiation does not happen for me on the weekends though the chemo pills (Temozolomide a.k.a. Temodar) is a daily thing for my current regimen. Here is my latest video for the early stages of this new approach process. I hope this can offer some encouragement to people watching, And this may include a future me.
Stay strong, And let’s overcome brain tumors today!
If you would like to contribute to my teams fund-raising effort for the National Brain Tumor Society, I strongly encourage you to join me today! Click on the following link and be a part of my team! I have less than a week to go until the deadline to reach my goal of $15,000 and I’m less than $1000 away! I never thought I would come this far. Actually, that’s not true. I believe in myself more than I credit myself for believing in myself. Let’s go on now and do this damn thing! -Angelo


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