3.5 Months Post Op VSG – Before and After Pics

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3 1/2 Months Postop VSG Surgery!!
Let me know what you’d like to see, and Subscribe for more uploads!!
Surgery date – 1/15/2016
HW – 245, SW – 217, CW – 180
Weight loss since surgery – 37lbs
Weight loss to date altogether – 65lbs

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LilDebbie Queen says:

can anyone tell me how long does it takes to get approved, well the process rather

Lets Get Rich says:

damn girl you got what i need

Simone Braxton says:

Hi Lavalley Vida I wanted to know with the Gastric Sleeve did you experience the hanging skin the extra skin after surgery?
I also I wanted know do you feel or believe that this surgery will affect my butt because I really don't want it to lol. I do have a big butt and I am worried about losing my stomach not my bottom lol.

Crystal Lisi says:

Try Lularoe sports bra. I've heard a lot of people say they love it & it's really supportive

laflor Irizarry says:

Try this bramd Panache

Ms707Lovely says:

Tho expensive…try Victoria Secret … their bras have worked for me and the VSG ladies I am friends with.


Great post. Glad I ran across your vid. Exactly what I needed to hear. Love what you said. Thanks for keeping it on the real. I'm in the approval process, and been looking at post surgery experiences. Some stories can make you question your decision. I am seeing how individual this can be. What happens to someone around the corner may not happen to you. I did tons of research before choosing this road, my head is not in the sand on this. Gotta stay in the right head space prior to doing this and just prepare for the best. Congrats on your achievement. God Bless.

Me veggie's only says:

Could you make an update on your overall outcomes of your WLS?

Fabuliousvette “Fabuliousvette” Fabuliousvette says:

Yesss, please make more video on recipes of gastric sleeve people's.

Evalevi Lopez says:

i thing you should start making does cooking video. I will be needing them soon. Good luck on your continuation journey.

Kacie Rowe says:

How tall are you ?

illy “Illy” Giovanni says:

Start cooking and recording girl !!!! Help a sista out . In God graces I should get the surgery soon . Also new subscriber .

Yahaira Velez says:

good video! I was told I should consider this due to trying for so long on my own and having severe back issues. yours is the first video that popped up. thanks!

RoseFanton says:

Can you talk a little bit about how insurance worked for your surgery? Sorry if this is too personal.

Jessica Plasencia says:

loved the video very helpful…thank you so much. I will be having mine done in about 3mths.

Gejmeri iz Vrsca says:

go kill yourself

ashley benitez says:

you should check out the VS sports bra

Jaimeeof4 says:

this was really helpful I'm having gastric sleeve July 5,2016

Tkp Rivers says:

I wanna see the bone broth please!!!!!

Gabriela Martinez says:

Victorias secret sports bras has some pretty good ones. I wear 36DDD and they have front closures. I absolutely love it it's like wearing two bras

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