Quantum Physics NOVA Discovery Science Universe full documentary

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Quantum Physics NOVA Discovery Science Universe full documentary


Steven Gee says:

I think what is spooky is the fact that our though process cant get our heads around quantum. If the atoms particals did have the same principals and were predictable thus meaning their would be a pre determined outcome to life and in fact no differance or chance to change the outcome. Obviously atoms needs to maintain the ability to exist anywhere at anytime prior to laws of gravity and electro mag'. Its only at the atomic level prior to mass and gravity. It is essentially a blank canvas before the fundimentals of our universe are applied thus giving the meaning of systems we are used to, but at this level all possibilities and options need to be possible thus the spooky nature of the qauntum world.

Cedrick Allums (Ced) says:

A thought, think of pool balls that are cut after being hit on a particular side. Now think of individual particles being refracted off the slits, like pool balls passing through the slits and depending on how they hit the slit, the pool ball hitting the object behind at angles determined by it's altered trajectory. This concept is not treating the particles as if they have weight and mass. The entanglement seems to represent opposing forces like to positive and negative polarities.

The teleportation is liken to a senior project in Electrical Engineering of how to transfer electrical power without wires. I've looked at Tesla's globe but realize that the transference of power would be unsafe in many aspects. When we are able to transfer electrical power wirelessly is when teleportation might be realized.

Brian Holmes says:

I have chromcast. I thought i could watch this on TV.??

An artist theory on the physics of 'Time' as a physical process. Quantum Atom Theory says:

Could it be a lot simpler than this with wave particle duality forming an interactive process? The mathematics of quantum mechanics could represents the physics of ‘time’ with an uncertain future unfolding photon by photon with each new photon electron coupling or dipole moment with classical physics representing processes over a period of time as in Newton’s differential equations

Kyle M says:

Around the 36 min mark, so we have in fact "teleported" photon particles?

Says The Big Bear says:

There's a lot of misleading sources of "information" out there talking about the history of quantum mechanics, trying to make it more dramatic than it really was. This is particularly true when it comes to talking about Einstein and his seemingly "at odds" attitude with regard to quantum mechanics. I'm glad NOVA made a point of stressing that Einstein wasn't trying to abandon quantum mechanics, but that he merely thought it was incomplete.

redacted says:

STOP saying "Spooky action at a distance". It's called entanglement. Is this a documentary for children under 10?


Every particle in the world is the one, but in a different universe. All the laws of physics are governed by quantum entanglement.

cheerdiver says:

There is no such thing a quantum physic, it's called quantum MECHANICS. The laws of physics are 100% REPEATABLE by definition. Quantum mechanics are not 100% repeatable.

j. eric smith says:

Einstein said "God does not play dice".Bohr replied "Stop telling God what to do".
Lets say Tom and I are discussing Larry, who we both know somewhat. And from what I know I state "Larry does not gamble". I did not say "I forbid Larry to gamble" in any way shape or form but stating based upon my knowledge Larry does not gamble.

Bohr's reply shows an inane intellect and a basic insecurity in his position and it alone causes me to question his work which may indeed be a cheap parlor trick in the final anlysis.

Linda Kloss says:

a particle and it's antiparticle. one can anticipate the other's action before it happens at a spooky distance. what. i am stoned

charles dickens says:

One comment… replication and destruction is not the same as transportation.  …and let us say for argument sake that our physical manifestation is simply an antennae which projects our "soul" into this spatial reality.  If we destroy that structure, is the replica automatically going to tune into our "soul" signal?  Many unanswered question… but this is interesting.

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