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Sub for more: | What is the outlook for the rest of the year and 2017. Peter Schiff gives his solutions for the American people.

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deadbutmoving says:

Economic downturns are retroactive labels we put on past events. For all we know, we are currently in a great depression but economists won't call it that for another 30 years.

Historians and Economists in the future will look back and call this era the "lost Decade of the 2010's". But for those who lived it, we just remember it as a shitty time where tons of people were unemployed and the government stopped counting them.

The fact that outsiders like Bernie and Trump are getting massive popular support for the current election cycle is proof that there are a lot of poor, desperate, and unsatisfied people out there. History will always rewrite and reinterpret the present.

Al Codie says:

Hey Garry every time you have this fellow on the volume is always lower . Just letting you know .

Wish Producer says:

no offense but your AUDIO SUCKS ASS ! fix it !

Tom Tapp says:

Schiff should change his report title to the "shit report"….. This guy is dangerous. Be careful Gary. Look at his past.

Loyd Pye says:

0:00 sec watched Pete ya blew it on the last date you said the economy would collapse, like Hillary , why should I believe you ??

tuubydude says:

volume too low

the truth says:

Thank you for warning us so many YEARS in advance

the truth says:

peter said 10k gold 10 months ago dnt believe shit he says anybody that is dumb enuff to believe him prob cant read anyway BUY GOLD BUY MY BOOK

christopher tucker says:

October 1st/2nd is the death date for the American dollar! Obama is killing the internet to stop traders getting there money out digitally (and hes gonna stop bitcoin in the process), the military so close to get her in the south China sea and in Syria are a huge fuse waiting to be lit, the Germans allowing millions of unchecked illegals into europe, the Chinese currency is posed to replace the dollar as the world's trading currency, brexit and possibly other EU nations leaving, any number of terrorist groups could be ordered to attack the West etc etc etc… there's so much going on but no Dino media reports it anymore it's all "look, this singer (who can't sing) just won a Oscar!" or "big sport news" anything to keep the steeple happy!

Gerald Mejia says:

Christian will wipe out Muslim

james miller says:

Why call it a recession when it is a depression

john bird says:

A lot of comments from our bro's across the pond to a global vidio… well here in the southern UK there is plenty of money about and no sign of a depression … Not sure about the north but then we've always said "Fuck the north." Years of Peter droning on and on is starting to look weak !

TheYahooskin says:

schiff is on repeat. cryin wolf for years. now we're supposed to listen. ok.

John Jeffries says:

Slow death of a super nation, slower and slower we go. No jobs no food stamps, Death by many cuts, everybody wants a government job so they can get what's left. The call to arms is long past, The brake down is here and now, catastrophe awaits us all. But Fear Not, have faith in God, Be good too yourself and others fore the time's they are changing.

Dave Hoffman says:

turn the volume up I can't hear you on my smart phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panepalarama Euripides says:

too late that was supposed to happen yesterday. You got busted by the calendar.

Armando Cabrera says:

Short the market, see how that plays out.  Doom and Gloom sells, if the report was on how great things were no one would care.

club4ghz says:

Get your guns ready America. Your neighbor will come for your food.

Ivan Freely says:

Worst recession? We're already in a Depression.

Chicken King says:

when the hell is all this gonna happen? Im tired of hearing about this economic collapse shit!

jason morgan says:

it's Y2k buy toiletpaper!!! oh it's 2016. same thing. yawn.

wishfix says:

I know ! I'm going to go out today to buy gold and silver.

RiotLionHD says:

You say the same bullshit everyday you guys said this would happen last year stfu

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