Photoshop Website Design Tutorial – Stylish Portfolio With Grain Texture

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Hey everyone. Today’s tutorial we are going to make a stylish portfolio website design in Adobe Photoshop. Web design is based on a mix of dark gray color and texture film grain to create a stylish and elegant website. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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Pradeep Saini says:

Great tutorial !!!! Please also post a tutorial for psd to html/bootstrap conversion. Thanks.

Oub. ThePro says:

This is a good work you did here, I enjoyed watching it to the end, but I wouldn't call it a tutorial, it sure gives you new ideas on how to make some good web design but still I wouldn't call it a tutorial.

Joshua Wells says:

Hey Mir, nice work. I have a question. Where do you get inspiration for your web designs, or print designs?

mikead sleekman says:

Hi there Mir, can I ask you to please help design my website? I really do not have any money and I like your work. Thanks Mike

Jei “Hieu” Dawnn says:

I think i saw this design on Behance :)

Irish says:

WOW! I'm so amaze of your work .. pwede po bang pa turo.

Sanchay Varma says:

Great work!

EdmunDsgn says:

Extremely Beautiful man..
I actually applied "some" of your design style to my own website o_o
But not as a total ripoff..

Gabriel Melo says:

Achei um belo projeto. Visual muito bacana. Entretanto, não compreendi algumas utilizações do alinhamento de texto e o uso do grid, este último foi até ignorado no final.

al1as says:

Thank you very much for this lesson. It was hard for me to repeat all steps.

Seongmin Hong says:

자주 소통해요! 오늘도 즐거운 하루 보내세요

Tomáš Košik says:

Thank You! Nice inspiration, good job!

Maksat Kaz says:

thank you bro

Abdelilah Khatami says:

Wow i love that, realy great…!!!
Thank you M.R.

R2 Fit says:

why starting with a Grid if your are not going to follow it.

Adell 604 says:

Wow, this is awesome! Great work 🙂 How do you choose colors?

Pitou Seang says:

great video! anyway i like your sound track. what's the title of this track?

Tong Du says:

Great channel. I really really love all of videos.

Khaled Gl says:

great work thnx alot wt program u working with can any one gave me the link 2 download it ?

Amit Singh says:

I am so happy to see this tutorial thanks a lot Bro to provide this tutorial.

CPC says:

that was nice! btw im new to graphic design, is it necessary need to use photoshop to design site? thanks ;D

Tahir zaib says:

Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MouNir - T28 says:


Саня Беляк says:

What's the track playing in this video?

Jhei Unciano says:

wow ur design is so elegant :)

Диана Кулик says:

Please, tell me, where can I use it? It's works like example of web-design?

Илья Бекоев says:

It's just amazing , please do not stop

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