Graphic Design Tutorial: Web Design Review

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UX/UI design for the Blind site. Overview of design concepts when it comes to laying out your web page. Blind design portfolio review with Chris Do and Jaime VanWart.

This is the second video in the series of going behind the scenes with Blind chief strategist and ECD Chris Do as we get a glimpse into the inner workings of a design studio.

View Jaime VanWart’s site here:

Tools used:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
InVision (site mockup)

coming soon

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Executive Producer– Chris Do
Hosts– Chris Do
Director– Aaron Szekely
Cameraman– Aaron Szekely, Andrew Truong
Producer– Aaron Szekely
Editor– Aaron Szekely
Show Open– designed by William VanSkaik, animated by Bara Kwon
Musical Director– Adam Sanborne


Emmanuel Mendez says:

still watching but any low fidelity processing as well as user testing

Emmanuel Mendez says:

this is gold

Pixel Kicks Ltd says:

Great video! We've just featured it in our blog post about future web design trends:

Amit Kumar Sarkar says:

Thank you so much for the Technics and inspirations. Hoping for more UX/UI related videos. :)

Michael Badal says:

This really helped me thank guys!!!

Ximon Whhatt says:


Mike Santos says:

Awesome insight!!!

Lighto says:

Good stuff guys, waiting for more of the same! :)

Aaron Randall says:

Thank you for the informative video. In your opinion, do you think coding is becoming obselete? You have sites like wordpress, squarespace, webydo and etc becoming powerful tools to build professional sites. You are able to focus on design and develop them more efficiently and creatively. Just curios to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

Arun Krishnan says:

Loving your videos…! Awesome into! The way you guys treat a project is phenomenal, I applied your theories and the process into one of my project and I was totally shocked to see the difference it made, Loving you stuffs, keep inspiring!

This comment is not specific to this video- but to the channel…

mcabell rininger says:

18:46 yes! Well said, thank you. Beautiful work, Jamie!

David Soto says:

What an amazing opportunity it was to see the design and thought process. I really enjoyed the video and hope there is more to come. The designer did a great job. -David S

Parker Tinsley says:

Hey Chris! Thought your pivot for the agency was super interesting. I'm sitting reading, "The Winning Without Pitching Manifesto". You mentioned you wanted the agency to be a place for direct consumers to use you for a bunch of different services. Since I'm at a firm that does similar work. How does this fit in with the manifesto? Especially since it guides others to specialize within a space and not be a overall service. Also, since I know you've had tons of experience with this issue. How do you navigate in-house marketing officers? As in, you're a firm hired for your services and expertise but sometimes the company may have a small marketing department that you work with. When they start wanting to take control, how do you manage this? Always got great vids pleas keep them coming. Thanks!

Z says:

Copywriting episode?

Stash Man says:

hi Chris, great video, the way you show the work not only visually but the process of doing it is just awesome. Learning a lot from you :)

Monteiro Baptista says:

@theskoolnetwork I love the channel! Really good content. I'm curious about the font u use in the thumbnails?

EdmunDsgn says:

Brilliant video! I'm going to take notes and apply these tips to my own website as soon as I can :)

Gaia Yemens says:

Work product isn't the product you sell, the work product is the by-product of the approach you take. It's taking me a while to get my head around that as a designer but this video has definitely developed my understanding of what it is to design for a company.
Thanks for these really useful insights guys!

Enrico Chiaromonte says:

I really love you works! Simply amazing! More UI content would be cool!!

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