My Gastric Sleeve Weight loss Surgery | Weight loss Journey

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My Gastric Sleeve Weight loss Surgery | Weight loss Journey
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy – SURGERY DAY. Today is surgery day!
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carlvlogs – jingerrific

Carl & Jinger


Carl and Jinger is a fun variety show with family game night challenges, pranks, comedy skits, a fun family vlog, travel, traveling, how to travel with kids, road trips and more! All our movies are family friendly and safe for kids. Carl & Jinger have three children Gage, Luke, and Kyle. Make sure to check out our other channels – Carlgames and MySuperheroVideo where we live stream video games and gaming and do superhero kids videos!

FTC Disclaimer: This videos is sponsored by the Bariatric Medicine Institute in Salt Lake City, UT. They are providing some services free of charge.


Martin Cocks says:

I love this product! While using this i have suppressed my appetite . I definitely would recommend Weight Loss Green Store Tea to anyone looking to lose some weight!

Jan Tjaden says:

I am so glad you showed the surgery. It educates us pre-op 's. I love your energy and attitude. I am feeling slightly nervous for mine, but I know I'm not alone. I am single, so I envy the support you gave actually to each other. For anyone who thought it showed too much. you didn't have to watch. You were told what they were going to do. My heart goes out to this couple who shared their journey. Thank you!! I will be wishing you well from Iowa.

Jan Tjaden says:

I am so glad things went well for you. I will continue to think good thoughts of you. I have just started this journey and was told my surgery would probably be in January. You take care of yourself!! Greetings from Iowa..☺

Sweet Sadise says:

so happy for you. I love you guys!

Lois Knapp says:

i got foot surgery

HR 950723 says:

Hey Guys do another Boys Haircut ;)

PureIrish77 says:

Wow … Welcome to the club! Had my Gastric bypass 11 months ago and have lost 200 pounds!

iLikeTurtles :D says:

he ate too much McDonald's. he had surgery

beccy griffiths says:

wow.. amazing.. im having a gastric bypass wish they would record it, would be amazing to see my insides lol.. good luck, hope you feel a little better morro xxxx much love xx

Mr123keelos says:

Call me dumb but wouldn't it be easier to work out instead? …or did you have any reason to not do that…

Heather Logan says:

That was the coolest thing wow.. Good luck Carl I'm so excited for you.

CCVlogs says:

Glad you're doing okay!

Starla Clayborn says:

Congrats Carl and welcome to the losers club. Prayers always.

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