Valve Design for Process Control

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An important installed characteristic for flow control is to have a linear relationship between valve lift and flow. This improves flow control performance because the total system is linear.


ali moshiri says:

For globe valves It is  also important to  know the mechanical design of seat and plug to find out  if  a valve is air to open or air to can not say that a globe valve is air to open/close only by looking to the actuator.

Husam Kifaya says:

Thank you, I'm working in Flowserve Saudi Arabia.

John Hedengren says:

From Cameron, former BYU student, who is now working at Chevron: 

"I wanted to give you some feedback on your valve design video. I loved it. I remember struggling a lot with the valve design equation. Having watched the video I feel the students will grasp it better this time around. Well done! Also, to provide some real world relevance to the video, I recently was tasked with verifying some P&IDs within a plant at our refinery here in El Segundo. The overall purpose was to improve documentation, but it was also a huge learning experience for me. My knowledge of valves was definitely lacking, so I spent some time with a more experienced contractor who has worked for decades in refineries and walked through a plant and just picked his brain. If the students can come out of school knowing both what each valve type looks like on the inside but also on the outside, they will be better prepared than I was!"

  Thanks, Cameron

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