Robotic ray is part animal, part machine

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Light-controlled cardiac muscle cells guide swimming of an artificial animal. Learn more: Read the research: JOIN AAAS:


Pablo says:

someone said NERV?

omer kose says:

hadi onu şimdi uranüse yollayın, 2milyon yıl sonra nasıl evrimleşmiş bakalım :)

Matthew Bell says:

They forgot to answer why on earth you'd want to create artificial animals or synthetic cognition…

David Zachary says:

Pretty cool, can i overclock this?

Martin O'Malley says:

ok….. SO ITS LIKE ME making a paper boat and putting a paper clip in it and then using a magnet to guide it left and right………………………………………………………………… no YEA exactly its not alive its just a fucking mini water kite…..

VLVL37 says:

Kill it, Kill it with fire!

46FreddieMercury91 says:

As usual this sort of technology will have a military use… cyborgs that will kill and once they make artificial brains ,they will become self-aware. The terminator might not be fiction after all

Navar Jenkins says:

Imagine what they already accomplish in AREA 51.

Neaple Pinchy says:

I'm calling ASPCA and PETA! That is cruel!

Mitch Gold says:

astounding – imagine what we will accomplish in the next ten years,

Johnny Quan says:

Maybe with this, we can create a Jurassic Park!

andyhello23 says:

I seriously doubt they are like the real thing.

Humans tend to over state there understanding of nature, and you can be sure this is another example.

kalinusa says:

The strangest thing is that on the question "Why?" they basically gave no decent answer and used tautology "because it paves the way for artificial creatures".

Rex1987 says:

this is kinda scary in some way – we dont know the consequences of using this tech

cassius969 says:

Somebody will go ahead and build artificial people

Awooku says:

Like Spore in real life.

Seal Girl says:

cue in comments saying robo ray is the end of humanity as we know it.

cbmira01yt says:

"I want more life, father."

Fredy Rivera says:

remember that movie Screamers, those things where part animal part machine and killed anything that was not wearing a bracelet for spare parts, i hope they dont give this thing brain cells, AI or weapons

Yibin Mu says:

this would explain jellyfish

Adrien Pitre says:

they actually get paid for this

Cypher Zero says:

i want some of these little skynet scouts for my fishtank^^

Luis Bravo says:

Visión vida artificial lograda en un laboratorio

Luis Bravo says:

Visión vida artificial lograda en un laboratorio

noxure says:

This video is much more epic if you watch it with the terminator theme song.

Jorge Gamaliel Frade Chávez says:

Awesome!! There are a lot of military and civil applications and implications. Light driven robots. Light is like water. Gabriel García Márquez.

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