Resident Evil 7- CEDEC Information! Jack Design Process, Infected ENEMIES, MIA and MORE NEWS

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Capcom along with Resident Evil 7 made an appearance at CEDEC! i talk about the information that stood out for me the most. i RECOMMENDED you read it for yourself!


Leon Kennedy says:

Hi John! Dualshockers has even more pictures – including more Zombies, objects, enviroments etc.

Thanks for mentioning me in the video. (I'm actually a woman who likes Leon Kennedy 😉 )

Kris Nduka says:

+jon ford I think that when Mia got captured something happened to her nd they infected her with something nd in the demo it might of been her that killed those two guys

silentwolf21 says:

I just hope that with all the details they are putting into it, won't limit their budget of making the game worth while. With the amount of detail they could do, they could end up making the game short or later on, cheesy at times. Kind of like RE6, my opinion, it looked like they went through a lot of detail into it, making their expressions, the sweat, reflection ect., which only made it shorter. So I hope they won't use too much of their budget where it ends up being a short game.

Though when it comes to the military, from the way they had him in that dummy stance, his eyes were closed. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like he may be either a deceased military in the mansion who ended up dying for whatever reason, maybe for a newer Umbrella or something. I don't feel like if it's Ethan if he has no experience NOR I doubt they will make it that in the end, he was military. I feel like it would be a bit weird and hard for them to make sense of that. Who knows, I can't think of something good of a good plot twist of something like that.

For Mia, it has to be her since in the picture of Margaret and the appearance of her, she is wearing something like a country girl or something close to it. Though Mia, my opinion, almost looks like a reporter. Usually in games, they always have them wear almost the same thing, blue jeans and a open jacket. It might be like what Lightning stated, that she maybe went to the mansion to look for answer, or that she may be a reported, wanting a big scoop to only be stuck in there with the monsters, hence why she may have a camera.

Though that's what I think. Of course, they are only hypothesis and from someone who played a lot of games and seen movies, I can only guess from the info you are giving and the pictures I am seeing. I do hope to see newer info. I am dying for the release of RE7 as I hope they won't rush it to make us happy of the release. I rather have them keep pushing back dates then having them rush to only "satisfy" us.

Cisco Haizlip says:

Good stuff brother …… I am thinking that is the son of the couple. I like what I am seeing, can't wait t play.. Any idea if we get to play " lateen" soon?

Javier Barry says:

Jon ford can I do a video on this one for my channel I will give you all the credit and have the link to your channel

HappyCat says:

Just had a though cross my mind today……maybe there's gonna be some link to resi 4 as they're releasing a HD version this week. Maybe they're trying to get people to play it before this one comes out as they're maybe a link?

Brandon Lightning says:

Mia looks like the type that would go to a haunted mansion looking for answers. Lol.

Arianne Encarnacion says:

I want the developers to give it all they got for the first I want this game to be creepy,scary,terrifying,having mayhem,panic,everyone screaming,and to make these new characters screaming and not safe AND NO HOPE. Also I want these characters like when they do there first infected kill they should look bloody and there sanity will go psychotic. That's what I want this game also please put a good ending jack and marguerite baker dead and all that kind of stuff that's what I want

RRSKI Pogiski says:

the guy with the earring could be lucas I don't know

XXXSniper RedfieldWolf says:

Great Video. Great designs, great screenshots and it will be a good game.

michael bosket says:

Nice video Jon I like the character models we might have 2 or 3 scenarios we play with each character story.

Blazen Despair says:

Yo Jon, you got a Twitter?  Would like to keep in touch : )

Mycroft H says:

I think the guy with earring is Lucas Baker, the keyword is "badseed", I'm not sure but his hair style and earring make him looks like despicable person maybe that's why they call him badseed

Frank Crank says:

Awesome video! You always break down things so well and find new information about RE7! this game looks promising and i am super excited for it! i can't wait! you think they will bring out another demo to play with before the game comes out?

Dorian Godboldt says:

Here's a quick observation; the earring guy is the same actor used for Pete. They could have been showing how they used the actor and got to the final product of Pete, or perhaps he might reappear in game with a different appearance?

KissAnAngel LottaLove says:

screaming Oh god! love the concept of the characters!

Blazen Despair says:

Exciting info, thanks dude!

tom moorcroft says:

you are my go to guy for resident evil news, good stuff

JokersLand says:

No problem

JokersLand says:

Nice video

The3blueeyes says:

New Intro.. I like it!

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