No Carbon Tax No Forced Vaccination Gary Johnson in New Hampshire

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No Carbon Tax and No Forced Vaccinations. Here is Gary Johnson explaining that he wants neither of these things.


TruckTalk180 says:

thanks for clarifying that you would try to force vaccinate me under certain circumstance and you don't really believe in the personal right to choose, Now I'll never vote for you and you are NOT a libertarian.

The problem with Gary is that he still has some faith in parts of the system.
Maybe Jill is against forcibly injecting me.

This single issue proves whether a candidate believes whether the Government owns YOU or you own YOU.

Gary Fails

Hayden Jones says:

You're the fucking man, Gary Johnson

Jacob Folkman says:

What's with his hair in this clip? Did he run a 10k straight to the podium?

Frank Marion says:

This guy has been all over the place the last 2 days. When he was governor of New Mexico he loved private prisons and filled them with potheads. He is a phony! What a shithead!

ZombieTex says:

Any time you put something into your body it's a gamble. Will it harm me or will it help me? It's WRONG for a government to coercively force people to take this sort of gamble. Disease is a natural thing. It would be nice if everyone was able to prevent it, but when taking the preventative step is a gamble, it's wrong to force it upon anyone. If someone chooses not to gamble, and they get sick, that's just how life goes. It's not fair no matter which way you look at it. They may take it and rather than getting sick, they get autism. Or maybe they take it and get sick anyway because the vaccines aren't 100% effective. It's not fair, but again, that's just life. It's not the role of government to try to force life to be fair.

Matías Pierdoménico says:

>Bake the cake

Pick one, you fucking cuck.

Mark McElroy says:

You guys remember when he was awkward and uncomfortable in interviews? Like a month ago? How did he become so cool?

Mark Kilian says:

Honest Johnson for President!

Skylar Saveland says:

High vaccination rates must come from trust, not coercive mandates. That's how every civilized country in the world achieves high vaccination rates. Preserve informed consent.

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