How to make nicotine free E-Juice

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EJuice Calculator:
.5 oz(15ml) Bottles:
80% USP Grade Glycerin (VG) 20% Distilled Water
1ml(20 drops) flavoring


Cole Gaede says:

he forgot a key ingredient, bleach

kill90vip says:

The water is inhibited with viping coz its leads to water in lungs at last dont use water guys

davy bolkvadze says:

Great video man! Out of curiosity how much money do you save on this?

M1911A1ak47 says:

so how safe is this because I read the back of the bottle of glycerin and it said if ingested call Poison Control immediately

Thomas Mcallister says:

I followed these directions carefully, now my Dick is stuck in a freezer?

Swagat Mavchi says:

hello what that flavoured bottle is called?

Mr VR (MrVR) says:

what would it task like with out flavoring

Austin “Falcon8853” Dalton says:

The glycerin I bought is for moisturizing skin or some weird shit like that, it says it can't be swallowed but is it safe for this?

Shawn Walia says:

Listen guys do not use Pure Glycerin for your e-juice, it is harmful to your body. Use a USP Food Grade VG. On the bottle in the video if you look closely at the bottom it says that one is used for skin. I went to CVS to look for some and I saw that the same bottle on the back had a warning for consuming it. Again use USP Food Grade VG!

Andrew Kenny says:

would it work to use pure glycerin instead of vegetable glycerin

Adnan Kazi says:

I have seen many video people are using vg nd pg nd flavour ? dose ur flavour custom made gives u good taste ?

Misty Waters (Sakiko123) says:

Somehow those clouds looked a bit too thick to me. Is there a way to reduce them or do they have to be that thick?

Eric Tetro says:

it's not smoking it's vaping jesus people get it right

Lane Schilling says:

if you wanted to can you vape it as soon as you make it

Aidan Gish says:

Do u have to use water

Hector Bustos says:

how much flavor do u use for a 60ml and 30ml bottle

Almighty Harris says:

How long do you let the juice sit for till you vape it??????

Just Me says:

Can I use vanilla extract instead of the flavor that you get in bakeries?

Just Me says:

Can I use vanilla extract instead of the flavor that you get in bakeries?

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