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Course: Vaping 101
Pre-Reqs: How does Vaping Work (
Class: How to choose your e-liquid and nicotine level


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Piano Man42 says:

Is the vapor cloud predominantly water or Propylene Glycol, and vegetable oil.  ?  Can anyone comment?

Glenda Edwards says:

Been off smokes for a month breathing is better but still get tight chest which would be better more vg or pg to help with tight chest feeling or am I rushing it.

stilledward69 says:

Excited for my 2nd box in July!!!!

David Thomas says:

great seris..simply explained

abdullah alrefai says:

the better way to figure out what flavor is best for you is to be zamplebox family (zf)

Lori Raf says:

Zamplebox people ROCK – they found a way to keep covering California under the new regulations. My area has very few vape shops – MANY closed up; lack of information on how to use e-liquids SAFELY & effectively. THANK YOU for posting; I LOVE my monthly Zamplebox (my Doctor even urges her patients who smoke to VAPE!)

CapnsKustomWorks says:

Answer: TASTE ALL THE LIQUIDS!!! Heeheehee… Nicely done brethren, as usual!

Jax Miller says:

thanks guys awesome

InfamousDoktorJackal says:

Best way to pick out my flavors? Tell Zamplebox what I like and let them do it. Trust the experts. It works for me. Everything you guys have sent has been absolutely perfect. Keep being awesome.

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