A Brief History of Robotics

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Why don’t we have robots taking care of our every need by now? A little history of the field of robotics might help you understand how hard it is to get machines to perform tasks, and how far we’ve come in just a few decades.

Hosted by: Hank Green
Human played by: Stefan Chin

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Drake Nester says:

Why does every one hate us so much I get the whole point of view thing but if you were able to be the most efficient you could wouldn't you do the same especially when your using them against those you see as people with no morals and are a threat to the safety of your country and will not face you in a proper manner. but yeah our extent of use of robots for war is kinda going ridiculously far and to me kinda is a thing that should be discussed if it were to go to being able to eliminate a target without permission from us even thou it really wouldn't be much of a difference any ways… ok It is a totally valid point to hate us meh…

Gert Brink Nielsen says:

YAY it's Hank :D

Mustafa M says:

Isn't ABB Swiss?

Kenneth says:

There should be a law against sentient robots.

E. Mark Anderson says:

Somehow, this episode makes me want to play The Talos Principle again. lol

CanadianUchiwaHD says:

One word

Augustine Toth says:

was hoping you'd mention the FRC. I am disappoint.

Josh Turner says:

America is building robots for war because we are at fucking war!! It is the most applicable reason at this time. It takes money and need to develop technology… be it war most of the time.. cold war= space race= computers= cell phones.. see? The world Is very complicated and not as black and white as every young person wants to think.

Diablo crow says:

Robotics started 1000 years ago in modern day Iraq I know how it sounds but research it.

Anzwertree says:

I'm an android.

Jason Mayne says:

Technically, we're organic robots! The technical part is that we're self-aware, and real robots aren't.

Ranger says:

1: Give Baxter stronger arms
2: Give Baxter machine gun
3: ???
4: Profit

ThePursuitOfKnowledge IsLife says:

The DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals were hilarious. Many a GIF was born on that day.

Dusky Racer says:

Maybe Someday something can carry my load.

theRPGmaster says:

I have visited a factory with giant robots in Finland (close to Sweden) Guess what they built! Toilet seats!

This Guy says:

I'm still waiting for a claptrap.

BloodManticore24 says:

Considering how awful politicians are, I wonder if having a robocracy would not be a blessing. AI with the goal of advancing humanity could be a lot better than any human government

Dan Cross says:

Wow my calculator has more RAM than most early robots.

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