Weight Watchers weigh in-2/1/11

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it’s tuesday weigh in =)!


NappyBeauty says:

Good luck to you!

blesbey says:

@theaterqueen214 TOM is sort for Time of Month :0)

Erin Cairns says:

who is Tom?

Keishanna Michele says:

I just started WW and my starting weight was the same as yours…U truly inspire to do this. Thank u!

Afrothentic Fisher says:

New to your channel. I love it!

DeeJ085 says:

I like your outfit here and your hair, good job with the weight loss. I just now figured out who "TOM" is:)

HeavyOnMyHeart5 says:

Wow, you're doing great!! 75lbs lost!!! I can't wait till I get there, my sis and I just started WW again after falling off the wagon. Keep up the good work!!! Stop by our channel and check us out when you get a chance 🙂

blesbey says:

@loveandjoy810 18 is huge! just watch, it will be another 18, and then another 18 before you know it!! exercise does help alot.

PecanSandees23 says:

Congrats!! Good for you!! You inspire me, truly. Thank you!

Geezeimhungry says:

Yaaayyy 4 the loss! 🙂

Ms4ft10 says:

Woohoo you go girl w your loss!!! That's awesome ;D thanks for the video update!

Surrenderingall says:

good job young lady!

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