id Software Breaks Several World Records?!

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Rage1005 Suarez says:

Cool video Proto

Jonathan murphy says:

My favorite gaming company got a new gaming record?!? I'm happy for them.

Metin Coker says:

Bruh, this nigga looks like bald Ted cruz

DatThundie says:

id software is so fucking amazing!!!

Chris Leo says:

ProtoMario please make this Pokemon Theory : Why can Pokemon such as Arceus, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina be captured ? These Pokemon are Gods and they can destroy or create Universes/dimensions. It makes no sense that a Master Ball witch is made by humans is able to do this. An answer i can give is that the Protagonists and N have the Potential to be the trainers of Legendary Pokemon. What i mean by this is that in order for a Legendary Pokemon to join a trainer it must accept this trainer by seeing the potential he has , if he has what it takes, the Legendary will challange the trainer hoping to be captured and join the trainer. This explains why evil people like Cyrus, Giovani and others were never able to catch them as they don't have the potential , Ghetsis even said he can't catch Zekrom/Reshiram so he used N to do it cuz he has what it takes to be their trainer as well as Black. Some good examples:
-In Generation 2 Suicune was looking over Ethan , as he saw that Ethan had potential he wanted to join him and so he challanged Ethan hoping to be captured , this also goes for Ho-Oh/Lugia i think.
-In Platinum Giratina was testing Lucas, Cynthia said that Lucas could not get to Giratina unless he solves the puzzels in the distortion world , after that ,Giratina challanges Lucas. Again Giratina must have seen Lucas's potential to challange him.
-In Black and White N easely befriends Zekrom/Reshiram , N said that Reshiram/Zekrom whant to join trainer Black after it awakens in N's castle.

Kyogre's Hideout says:

I remember when Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire got in the Guinness Book of World Records

Kyogre's Hideout says:

I'm not a fan of FPS games I prefer RPGs and retro games

Pokemonunboxed says:

hate on me all you want I don't really like the games they make that much (some are ok) … I'm not saying they don't make good games I'm just not a fan.

Aria Scarlett says:


Dapperblook Animations says:

It's call of duty isn't it?

It'sSpelledJON says:

Subscribe to ME! I NEED SUBS PLS

clericofchaos1 says:

cool, maybe I can get a world record for most consecutive hours wasted in game.

Forever Trolling says:

Face Reveal or Riot Kappa

tim b says:

I bet the other new story will be on EA, they shovel out bad content like pro

killer 88942 says:

Doom is good game

super jake says:

proto ur awsome

Fool O'Prophecy says:

Face reveal or I unsub

jake tdog says:

Proto, my hamster died in the night and I don't know what to do, it may seem pathetic but I'm so sad about it and I don't know what to do…

Ben Rodgers says:

notification squad?

Emoji Abuser says:

woah so early again

Dequan CS:GO says:

Instantly clicked this video because id Software is id Software and John Romero.

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