Hardware Killed The Software Star – A Rant

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Who needs games when you have the machines to play them on?
…and NOTHING else?!


Michael Josefsen says:

There's almost enough on the PS4 for me to consider getting one by now. King of Fighters 14 is the game that will tip the scales for me. Don't care about any of that triple A garbage, so it's slim pickings.

workingclasszero says:

your last two videos havent shown up in my subscription feed, is anybody else having this problem? is it just youtube being glitchy?

CthulhuChow says:

so the ghostbusters movie didn't save sony? surely you jest.

Spryte-WiiMix says:

Think this is the first time in a gaming generation history, where I put in more time and money in a handheld than a console. points to his New 3DS. Last generation I put in an equal amount in PS3, 360, Wii, DS, and PSP, but now it's not the case.

Tarek Chamas says:

maybe they should .. i dont know .. make FUN games ?

TheOutlawed1000 says:

Not to mention the fact that games are more often being delayed. And every time it happens it feeds the growing hype cycle bounding new games to be seen as disappointments. Half the games I wanted to buy this year got delayed to 2017. I think people are just starting to lose trust in the market in general.

Pat Sica says:

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new Deus Ex game.

I loved it. First AAA game I can say that about in a long time.

JanstonCordell says:

I've given up on AAA gaming entirely. All of the major publishers are steaming piles of garbage. Between DLC schemes, Democratic/Feminist/Progressive propaganda (Ubisoft is the king of this), down right poor quality control, blatant over-pricing and a general lack of artistic integrity, there's nothing for me there anymore.

Jukka Penttinen says:

Mankind Divided review coming up?

Mr Skellow says:

Well hey Razy, you could always play the last gen Remasters! We got lots of those! xD

FranXico says:

sticking it to fanboys while singling out one brand as the source of all evils in gaming kind of makes you sound like a fanboy of another brand. other than that great video, games are becoming less fun with every passing year.

Hordakkk says:

i have regretted buying into this console generation since day 1. it has been a huge letdown. i bought a ps4 for mgs5 which was terrible and i didnt touch the damn thing again untill DOOM came out, bought it for ps4 to give it one reason to stay in my livingroom, got Hyperlight drifter… and now its collecting dust again. what a PIECE OF SHIT. ill be sticking to PC from now on.

Kony Current Year says:

Apart from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided there is literally nothing on the PS4

Game Wizard says:

I subscribed for the word salad.

decwow says:

Been saying this shit for years….

It's why I never bought a console past ps1.

O.B.1 Slam says:

It's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Great vid!

guanglai kangyi, aged 15. says:

aside from deus ex, i priamary more focused on stuff from japan, except for mario, and kirby. and wii u.

Resvrgam says:

The industry was invaded by and flooded with worthless hipsters more interested in office politics than actual games back in 2006-2007 and we're now seeing the fruits born from those seeds.

When PC gaming was hijacked and diverted to consoles, gaming lost a LOT of what gave it growth potential: community agency, innovation, regular & incremental hardware improvements, and several free services & features (no barriers to entry).

Today? We have: Games intentionally released incomplete to have its parts sold back piecemeal, "map packs", season passes, SaaS (Software as a Service) rental/subscription fees shackled to an always-online experience, experiences saddled with additional fees, and some of the most poorly coded/bud-ridden pieces of software to date.

I foresee mass unemployment and a new stadium-sized mound in New Mexico. It's been set in place since I was a game designer back in the mid-2000s.

G Prime says:

This man should run for public office!

xurg10 says:

What's really sad is that my favorite PS4 games have all been JRPGs that have been released "under the radar."

nosferotica says:

Shit, I kind of just suddenly realize the games I've been playing the fuck out of were released about 10 goddamned years ago.

andyAAWW says:

Cd projekt red are the only AAA dev run by gamers for gamers. The budget of witcher 3 was around 80 million. Standards were high and staff probably made money on the backend. So they had an incentive to go the extra mile.

Now let's look at starcitizen. How many freelancers do think Cloud Imperium Games is using. An army of people that simply don't give a fuck.

The AAA gaming crash is coming. Every old school dev has sold out and no new devs can get close to being graphically on par with the big boys.

"But…gameplay over graphics", so why should I buy a new GPU or PS 4.5….

Obi-YTP-Kenobi says:

I have been considering PC for a very long time now and I don't have alot of PS4 games (After three freaking years) and I get sick of remasters if I want to play a PS3 game I play it on my PS3! I am more hyped to play a 10 year old game than to play on PS4 in the last couple of years. The only reason why I have the PS4 is FF15 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

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