episode 3: the calculator

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fun with the weight watchers points plus calculator!

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Andriy Siduyev says:

Hey! I'm Anthony.I did -45 lbs past 1 month.Go to hddiet.gs#2N4k

thetwofatgirls says:

think i'm gonna have to check that out! 😀 and 109?! YAYS!!!! — Mandy

licho3440 says:

They aren't very different, they just have bigger buttons and more features. But its still based on Points Plus. Also, I finally got one on ebay for $13.75. Yaaahhh, Im all set to reach my mini-goal. So far, a total of 109 LBS lost so far !!!

licho3440 says:

I finally found one on Craigslist for cheap. I was surprised, they have several WW things on there from people who have quit or moved onto a new diet. Less than $20 for the new 2012 one.

thetwofatgirls says:

thanks so very much!!!! i didn't even know they had new ones. . .we still do WW we just don't pay for it anymore, i think there have been lots of changes since we left and it hasn't even been a year! — Mandy

licho3440 says:

You guys are Fun. I want one of the new ones, but they no longer sell them to non-members. They will go gestapo on you if you try to buy one without an active membership.

PsychoSprinkles says:

It's a for real calculator!

LOL you girls are hilarious 🙂

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