The Tour De France Explained in Animation

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An animated history and explanation of all you need to know about the Tour de France. One of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world. Commission an infobyte

Introduction 00:00
Early History 00:30
Tourist Routiers 01:30
Post 1930s Tours 01:50
Modern Tours 02:37
Race Format 02:55
The Yellow Jersey 03:35
Other Jerseys 04:14
The Peloton 05:00
Peloton Tactics 05:18
Team Strategy 05:42
Les Domestiques 06:47
Cracking 07:12
Cyclist Fitness 07:58
Hazards 08:52
Vive le Tour 9:58
Credits/Video info 10:08


Elise Coleiro says:

can this comment get a even amount of likes

TCO - Transcultural Communicators says:

I really loved your clip.

ytyehyeh says:

Nice work, though IIRC, competitors are not allowed to ride backwards on the course to reach a teammate in need of assistance. At best, they can stop and wait for them to catch up.

SurfingBullDog says:

This is a great explanation of the race, but I think it should have mentioned the effect of doping. Doping has been a part of the race since the very beginning.

d aach says:

Great all around presentation

Guoenyi says:

Over enthusiastic borat haha

GhostFace Chilla says:

you forgot to mentioned steroids

Freddy Angulo says:

Excellent animation… The Tour de France. The greatest and the hardest sporting event in the world, I've been fallowing since 1982.
GODSPEED to Nairo Quintana for the 2016 Tour…..

Dylan Fales says:

I can't understand his French accent

orlando46 says:

excelente! instrutivo e interessante!

MooperRanger says:

No bloody idea what he's saying. No criticism of course, my french is hard to understand aswell I'm sure.

ctakim says:

As an American just getting into road cycling for fitness, this was superb! Thank you so much for this introduction to one of the world's great sporting events!!

stevemtc1 says:

I brought in some runners in from Africa that finished fourth through fifteenth place I think they'd done better had they had bicycles

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