John Williams-World Class Crash Coming No Matter What

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Economist John Williams thinks the global economy is weak, and a black swan could hit anytime and take it all down. The next crash will be the greatest ever. Williams contends, “It will certainly be a world class event that people will be talking about for centuries.”

On gold, Williams says, “I’ve been bullish on gold for as long as I have been bearish on the dollar and calling for the ultimate collapse of the dollar and hyperinflationary depression that will eventually unfold. The best hedge in that type of circumstance are the precious metals. I am talking about physical ownership of gold and silver. Personally, I prefer coins because they are liquid.”

So, what is the timing for what Williams says is a coming hyperinflationary depression? Williams says, “You could have a crisis at any moment. The circumstance is not stable for the economy or the global financial system or the banking system. There may be some type of banking crisis before the election that would force the Fed to move on quantitative easing (money printing). I think the Fed will try everything in their power to keep things stable until after the election. So, most likely the dollar selloff will come after the election. Once the dollar selloff starts, I think you will be seeing the stages of early hyperinflation well within a year.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

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Sean O'Brian says:

Greg outstanding interview. Take care.

mattyboy ahoy says:

if there is a crash real assets are much more important than money..these guys want to sell shit

HD Film Tributes says:

I'll file this away with "Y2K is going to throw the world into chaos."

orangedac says:

John Williams looks exactly like he did 8 years ago.  The man has not aged at all.

Rey Nahpets says:

NO COLLAPSE! Unless…..
Foreign nations & many others have already been fleeing the dollar so the coming collapse will have nothing to do with mathematics. The only thing to crash the system will be a "Black Swan" event. Example: massive pandemic that kills millions in a few months.

Donald Henhawke says:

Doesnt matter who is in the white house…. theres a bigger monster knocking on your door…a out of control debt market, a diminished workforce, a aging demographic using too much entitlements… a worthless dollar that no one wants.

Norman Graham says:

Money vs Wealth. A stripper has big tatas, now, those are "wealth" (not money). If they are fake, they are still wealth. (lol). Compare that to the USD, backed by codependency and co conspirators and a parasite-host relationships……….the USD is money…not wealth….BUT…the leaches need a host, the flees need a host, the tics need a host. This system is no where near breaking, and can run another 20 years. The expansion of the money supply in the US, spent on unsavory things, is shockingly "not as bad pork" as other world pork. So, yes, what we have done to the USD is bad, but not bad by comparison (how did that happen?). World financial transactions are still using US banks. This "event", of which you speak, is at least 14 years away.

Norman Graham says:

Yes, things are different. (which is the only thing we can say about recessions, is that they are all different). But, break it down to comparison! The USA is much worse then they admit, (just look at the expansion of the money supply), however…..pick the prettiest pig! What country has had LESS QE? (historical currency rate velocity). Look at world currencies, there is a degree of honesty. What currency has done better then the USD for the last few years? Nearly ZERO. Ouch. What we have is a new world order, where there are not enough jobs, we are far too productive in this world, and this changes everything. Unless a country finds a way to get rid of their poor (kill them?), then the USA looks good by comparison. OUCH! the USA can also claw back lots of jobs, by changing the laws (make it illegal for a company to export a job dealing with the finances of the america people). I agree that what is going is a redistribution of wealth, at a world level. Ouch, wealth is moving out of the USA and into India.

wa Rock says:

The world is in serious trouble and it's been going down the tube for a long time. The central banks controlled by the Rothchilds have raped and pillaged the world of money. People and countries have no money and are going into debt to the central banks which can never be repaid. The whole system will collapse and there will be a third world war in the near future.Millions of people will die either from war or starvation. Food will be to expensive to buy. The US dollar will collapse overnight.

semahnai says:

12 months ago, gold price in the UK had dropped to £690 and today it is at £1033.

semahnai says:

Greg, Is it true that China take over the World Reserve in October? I think I heard that about 6 months ago.

P Martin says:

another gold commercial. In the Spring the crash will be in the Fall, in the Fall the crash will be in the Spring.

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