Funny Animals – A Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2015

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Here is a funny animals compilation. Most of it consists of cute animals doing funny things. Some funny animal fails, doesn’t include funny animal vines. Anyway, check out these funny videos of funny animals.


Zip Ndirangu says:

i see people petting wild animals i go like "well hope this aint your unlucky day!".

NessTube says:

Patrick baytman – I agree

Alcione Lobato says:

Es cisito

Nikky Shingler says:

this wasn't funny……………….ITWASADORABLE

Giải Trí Việt says:

Please sub for me. I will sub for you in the next hour. thanks!

richard stephen says:

Bears are dogs in russia

The Eggsploring Chickens says:

Subscribe to my channel to see funny dog and chicken videos!!

Holly Walsh says:

Oil future guard portray.

Heart Broken says:

He wants more

Heart Broken says:

Oh my god somebody helpful

Diaviane Mcclerin says:

cute but childish

cnaqui2 says:

Some of these clips highlight the dumbest animal of them all… Humans

Margaret Anderson says:

Snow. Monkey is there baby

animi star dancer #misa maid sama lover says:

that's fricking adoreable

Scott Frates says:

feeding a wild bear, the assholes may as well have signed it's death sentence.

Silvia Tine says:

he ballsack how is this Funny?

Hanna Belalia says:

Aww the cats were grooming babies

Hanna Belalia says:

4:19 wtf was happening?

Funny Animals Channel says:

I like video

Anas Ramzi says:

That's soooo cute I was like GIVE ME THAT THATS MINE ITS SOOO CUTE

Aisha AmmariM. says:

What kind of animal is that at 4:45

Rapunzel Maren says:

compilation of cuteness!

‫سلام العمري‬‎ says:


mr.jakub says:

I'm affraid that the snorting hamster is actually suffocating and probably dying. Not fuuny or cute at all.

BABA JI says:


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