David Stockman The Global Economy Has Entered The Crack Up Phase

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decimated550 says:

yes – let unprofitable markets fail. withdraw student loans, zoos, all those subsidize airports 30 miles away from others, all that funny spending.

Jack Againski says:

End the Fed!

Roland Gilmore says:

Zero interest rates are not as bad as negative interest rates. Negative interest rates are guaranteed to destroy wealth. Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and an increasing number of banks are trapped in this position. Quantitative Easing has made the situation worse and will inevitably result in inflation followed by hyper-inflation. It is only a matter of time before cash is abolished, taxes rise and your pension fund disappears or is confiscated. Incidentally, zero interest rates are a tenet of Islam though most Muslims do not abide by it. Best advice to weather the coming chaos has been broadcast by the German government who have advised their people to stock up with a minimum of 10 days supply of food and water. I guess it's because you can't eat oil, gold or silver.

William Daher says:

zero interest rates and central banking is not capitalism. It is a tenet of marxism.

Jane Wojtaszynski says:

Such a disconnect in public perception.

pst says:

ZERO Interest rates marks the DEATH of capitalism

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