Best of 2015 Cute Funny Animals

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The top videos of the year featuring cute and funny animals.


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Saaliha M. Hanif says:

no way…pigs!!

Radom Cittazen Maven says:

4:11 which one is the animals


vc fofo. nnñnnńnnnnnnñnnbbbbvbnmjpiykl bv

Lidja Ilic says:

my Favorite was the baby pigy

PuPan says:

what kind of dog is that at 4:46 :))) so funny

ALEX -Chan says:

nick must really want that golf thing XD

Joyce B says:

is the guinea pig dead cuz I don't know if it's not

Cute Cat かわいいねこ says:

Look funny :)

Flamingo Salad says:

That cat is spazzing out over that Guinea pig

Danilo Mendes says:


Claudia Cristina says:

o primero foi um porco

KawaiiGalaxy Plays says:

0:27 gosh darnit I wuz eating

Viviana Hermosillo says:

I love it so much for me

Lupissdimass Dimas says:

el primero era un cerdito bebe

marvellasex leyvasex8 says:

rygkd il f

SaraStar 2906 says:

1:31 really made me laugh so hard XD

Toy Chica Limbaga says:

awwww so so cute the pig is the cutest i meant all of them are cute

Axl Cortez says:

sooooooooo cute 🙂 ^_^

Briannah. M says:

Why would you let your cat sit and hit the poor little guinea pig when the guinea pig clear started crying and getting scared

WOLF girl says:

soooooooooo funny and cute

shiaorene capuno says:

the baby pig is cute

Hailey Roberts says:

who is ready for open house tomorrow I'm going to 4th grade

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