Unite 2014 – High End Mobile Development

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Brian McRae of Fenix Fire shares all the guts and glory of aiming high while still catering to today’s popular devices.


Red Blood Productions#1 says:

Hey Unity Please Send Me This Game Project.

pacukluka says:

fuck me i struggle to optimize the game on my crap phone, and go to extremes to make it run constant 45-55fps

Hayden Else says:

Hey, Thanks so much this video was amazing!! Ill Super helpful

Romit Patil says:

What you talking about partical effect manger and You sad Some thing About We rotating mirror around the world ..???
Plz Clear me . I am waiting for you reply .. Thanks (^_^) you guyz are Perfect Couple

Ilyes Hacahni says:

After watching this I realized what I really needed. A talented wife.

Dani says:

this guy is fucking talented .)

Chiuan Wei says:

sounds cool .thanks a lot!

Jacko says:

looks like quake

Tryst46 says:

Pushing the boundaries of Android devices, that's a laugh. It's a backward step in gaming because PC's went way beyond those boundaries back in the 80's. The games I see on Android are no better than I used to play on a 286/16 back when home PC's first became popular. The controls (gestures and tilting) on an Android isn't exactly intuitive either.

It's also a con. An Android device is very much like a console. You can't upgrade parts of it, you have to replace the whole thing at substantial cost. I can put more memory, better graphics or sound or more hard disk space in my PC, (I currently have 8 Terrabytes of disk storage on my home PC) for a fraction of the cost of the latest Android device. Even some laptops can be upgraded the same way. Max storage space on an Android device is still measured in gigabytes and the latest PC game can use more storage space than an Android device has got in total. Then there's the tiny screen that you need a microscope to see, even laptop screens were made bigger so gaming is more immersive.

When Android devices have terrabytes of memory, far superior graphics, fit inside a VR headset and have a control glove, maybe they will become better games machines. Until then, games publishers are laughing at you because they can produce cheap, crappy games compared to the games we see on PC's now and still sell them for megabucks.

codecave87 says:

Hey mate, mind sharing that terrain shader that you made in shader forge? Would greatly appreesh!

The McTrentonomous says:

This really does look good. The fact mobile devices can run something that looks like a AAA game from 2007-2008 is fantastic. Really looking forward to what developers can push out.

fractalDesign says:

self employed

Razerblade304 says:

I'm making a game with unity

Danny Michaeli says:

Amazing !! Thanks :-)

Rob Aldred says:

Thank you for sharing. Very interesting.

Ali Salehi says:

You call this High End????

Гасан Джамаев says:

this game will be?

Гасан Джамаев says:

А такой игры будет?

Ashwin Sinha says:

18:24 I usually leave the retopology to my wife too. That and unwrapping.

johnnyxp64 says:

oh come on… slow down with the content guys!!!!!!!!! 😛
damn now i will have to watch untill version 6 :P

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